Dirty Dancing Remake in Development

Lionsgate studios has recently reached into the Hollywood remake bag and pulled out...Dirty Dancing! That's right; the studio elites are at it again with their latest announcement to develop a script by Julia Dahl (Uptown Girl) into a living, breathing Dirty Dancing remake of the classic 80's dance film.

A director has yet to be announced but, as sure as I am pudgy, they will pick some hip music/dance film director like Anne Fletcher (Step Up), Thomas Carter (Save the Last Dance) or Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard). All of whom would be fine choices.

This is not the first dancing remake penciled onto the calendar though. Kevin Bacon's signature dance flick, Footloose, has been in development for months now. I can't say that I blame Lionsgate for giving Dirty Dancing a remake though. The movie was made for $6 million in 1987 and BoxOfficeMojo has it topping out at a worldwide box office total of $213 million, although the horrible Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights was made for $25 million and brought in a paltry $28 million in 2004...

Combine that box office success with the recent string of television dance shows, including So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew, Dancing with the Stars and even America's Got Talent, that have become monster hits, and all the parameters are right to capitalize on audience's recent lust for everything related to dance. I suppose it makes sense for a studio to try and grab the wave and ride it to shore before the tide goes out.

I will freely admit that I secretly enjoy watching Jennifer "Baby" Grey being lifted in the air by her stomach in the strong controlling hands of Patrick "Bad-Ass" Swayze while they are in the lake. You could even consider it to be one of my "guilty pleasures"; but I can't help feeling like this is just going to be a very ho-hum attempt at a remake.

It's been said before on Screen Rant that we do not look forward to many remakes but if Hollywood MUST make one, then they should at least bring something new to the table. We even have a good set of remake guidelines for them to follow, though I doubt they ever made it to the desk of any studio CEO. Maybe Hollywood is just trying to cover all of Swayze's movies. They are, after all, moving full steam ahead with a Red Dawn remake. Maybe next we'll see Ghost and Roadhouse make their way to the big screen one more time?

Personally, I'm not really looking forward to this particular remake. I'm sure it will find a solid, newer, younger, audience when it is released and will undoubtedly make money but I have serious doubts as to the films ability to reach the box office numbers of the original. Seriously, do you think Hollywood has the means to recreate an absolute classic scene like the one below?


One other quick point, I don't think there is anyone man enough to fill the dance shoes of Patrick Swayze, Kevin Bacon or John Travolta. Hollywood is going younger with their leading men and honestly, the talent just isn't there.

Dirty Dancing is currently in development and has no release date.

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