10 Dirtiest Movie Grandpas of All Time

Robert De Niro and Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa

Sometimes, grandparents in film warm our hearts and provide proverbial life lessons, while other grandparents in movies are a bit more raunchy. This list celebrates the latter and honors the latest comedy starring Robert De Niro and Zac Efron, Dirty Grandpa.

A dirty grandfather can be particularly perverted, inappropriately outspoken, a heavy drinker, a drug addict, or someone who deals in some sort of illegal activities. Some of the grandpas on this list are lovable while others are not quite so much, but all of these characters (some in their own unique way) are grandfathers who are, in their own way, extremely dirty.

Here are the 10 Dirtiest Movie Grandpas of All Time.

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Will Ferrell and Gary Cole in Talladega Nights
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10 Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby - Gary Cole

Will Ferrell and Gary Cole in Talladega Nights

There are perhaps few grandpas dirtier than Gary Cole's Reece Bobby. In the film Talladega Nights, Reece is the father of NASCAR superstar, Ricky Bobby, and of course the grandfather to Ricky's two boys, Walker and Texas Ranger. Reece has always been a bit risqué as an absent father, and as the years go by, his son, Ricky Bobby, learns that not much has changed.

This grandfather has been described throughout the film as a drunk, a drug addict, promiscuous, and an all-around negative influence on both his son and grandchildren. While the dynamic between Cole and Will Ferrell's Ricky Bobby was a humorous sight on screen, Reece Bobby certainly left his mark as a dirty, dirty grandpa.

9 Bad Grandpa - Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville in Bad Grandpa

So, Johnny Knoxville is not an actual grandfather in the film, but the title of the movie is Bad Grandpa so we will let this one slide. Bad Grandpa is the fourth installment into the Jackass franchise and instead of random, stitched together pranks, this film follows the fan favorite grandpa character skit from the previous movies.

Rather than the plotless earlier three Jackass entires, Bad Grandpa loosely follows a running storyline. Throughout the film, Knoxville's character, Irving Zisman, read's pornographic magazines, patronizes strip clubs and risqué massage parlors, and infamously laughs in response to learning that his wife has died. There are arguably no grandpa's dirtier than Knoxville's Irving Zisman, but since he is not actually a grandfather in the film, it is difficult to place him any higher on this list.

8 The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps - Eddie Murphy

Papa Klump in The Nutty Professor

Perhaps everything you need to know about Papa Klump, and the questionable humor displayed in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, can be encapsulated up in this one quote: "If I want to put a trumpet in my ass and run around this restaurant and blow, then 'Hallelujah! Yankee Doodle!' that's my business!"

Papa Klump shows virtually no respect for his elders, Grandma Klump specifically and perhaps Granny Klump even less so. While Papa Klump can sometimes be found as the voice of reason in his family, he is very much at home with the crude and dirty humor that is slung around from scene to scene.

7 Gran Torino - Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino

In Gran Torino Clint Eastwood plays Walt Kowalski, a disgruntled war veteran, and comes away with the honor of being one of dirtiest grandpas in the history of cinema. Walt is a heavy drinker, a vile racist, and an overall ornery old man.

Walt's neighbor, Sue, is able to see through his rough exterior, but for the majority of the other characters, including and especially his own family, he is mostly seen as a nuisance. In fact, the small handful of characters that actually do warm up to Walt, do so mostly because the forced interaction as a result of befriending Sue.

6 The Visit - Peter McRobbie

Peter McRobbie as Pop Pop in the Visit Movie 2015

The Visit was a surprise hit for many viewing audiences in 2015, and much of its success can be attributed to the unexpected twist (which will not be spoiled in this article) involving the grandparents. At first glance, the grandparents seem like a nice, caring couple who just want to visit their long lost grandchildren, but moviegoers soon learn that this is simply not the case.

Without venturing in to spoiler territory, let's just say that Peter McRobbie's Pop Pop character was dirty for one specific action that occurs towards the end of the film, and this action was so disgusting that it lands him on the list of the dirtiest grandpas in film history.

5 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - John Dugan

Grandpa Sawyer in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Grandpa Sawyer, in any film incarnation, has the distinction of being the oldest on-screen grandpa on this list. Despite being well over 100 years old, varying in age depending on the entry, Grandpa Sawyer still maintains his status as one of the dirtiest grandpas in film.

While most of the grandfathers on this list make their mark for being particularly perverted or soliciting in illegal activities such as drugs and gambling, Grandpa Sawyer takes the route of being a ringleader for a family of serial killers. Also, while it has not been shown on screen necessarily, it is heavily inferred that Grandpa Sawyer was a mass murderer in his more active years.

4 Trainwreck - Colin Quinn

Colin Quinn in Trainwreck

Colin Quinn's character, Gordon, can be seen as the catalyst for the majority of the conflict in the 2015 romantic comedy, Trainwreck. In fact, Gordon's opening monologue to his two daughters set character arcs in motion that have lasting effects for years to come.

Much of the reason Amy, the protagonist of this story, has the relationship issues that she does can be attributed to her father's views on marriage and monogamy. Gordon is seen by the majority of the other characters in the film as perverted, ornery, and simply unlikable.

3 The Royal Tenenbaums - Gene Hackman

Gene Hackman in The Royal Tenenbaums

Gene Hackman's Royal Tenenbaum is a terrible father, perhaps an even worse husband, and an all around bad person. Between his gambling issues and his views on family, Royal Tenenbaum plants himself firmly on the list of the dirtiest grandparents in film history.

Royal was such a horrible husband and father that it takes an illness, albeit a fake illness, in order for his family to come and visit with him. After realizing the mistakes that he has made in his younger years, Royal decides that the best way to gain back his family's favor is to lie - fake an illness - in order to win their affections and sympathies until his plan unsurprisingly backfires.

2 Little Miss Sunshine - Alan Arkin

Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine

Edwin Hoover, as played by Alan Arkin, may be one of the dirtier grandfathers on this list, but it should be noted that he does love his granddaughter a great deal. Despite this fact, Arkin's Edwin Hoover is a foul-mouthed heroin addict deemed too rambunctious for any nursing home and is stuck venturing across the country with his dysfunctional family.

Perhaps the finest display of Edwin's dirty-ness is the dance routine that he teaches his granddaughter, Olive, for the Little Miss Sunshine Pageant. Despite the rough exterior of Edwin Hoover, his love for his granddaughter bleeds through and moviegoers cannot help but sympathize with the character.

1 Grumpy Old Men - Burgess Meredith

Burgess Meredith in Grumpy Old Men

Perhaps no one walks the line between lovable and perverted as well as Burgess Meredith in Grumpy Old Men. Meredith's Grandpa Gustafson is always primed and ready for an inappropriate, albeit hilarious one-liner. Grandpa Gustafson is a fan favorite because he says what he wants, does what he wants, and eats bacon for nearly every meal.

Grandpa Gustafson is a heavy drinker and at times, a potty-mouthed old man, yet it is hard not to fall in love with the character. Even the ladies have a hard time turning down this charming Grandpa. That being said, the outtakes for Burgess Meredith's Grandpa Gustafson are perhaps funnier, and even dirtier than the lines that actually made it into the film.


Do you agree with the list? What are some of your favorite dirty grandpas in movies? Let us know in the comment section below.

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