'The Killing' May Be Saved by Netflix or DirecTV

DirecTV Netflix Consider Saving The Killing

When the second season of AMC's The Killing came to a close earlier this year, fans breathed a sigh of relief knowing the production wasn't going to leave integral plot threads dangling yet again. However, the decision to wrap up the series' central mystery – who killed Rosie Larsen – left it without a place to go for season 3.

Though AMC might not be interested in seeing where a third season could go – as made evident by their decision to cancel The Killing – there are apparently several other companies that are. A few weeks back we said that it might be possible for The Killing to live on at another network, and now two different outlets have stepped up and expressed their interest.

The news comes to us from TV Line, who report that popular DVD and Blu-Ray rental service Netflix and cable provider DirecTV are eying a resurrection of the show. Both Netflix and DirecTV have a history of reviving cancelled series with strong fan followings – Netflix has a fourth season of Arrested Development in production while DirecTV helped bring Friday Night Lights and Damages back to the air – but are also considered extremely selective.

When contacted to comment, Netflix refused to discuss the matter, and DirecTV provided a "canned" statement that they surely give after every moderately popular show gets cancelled. Just this past season Netflix was considered a top contender to resurrect several axed genre shows, among them Fox's Terra Nova, but nothing came of that. It's fair to say that like those other cancelled series, The Killing has just as good a shot of being picked up, but fans of Mereille Enos and Joel Kinnaman (the new Robocop) should probably look forward to their next projects instead.

The Killing's was canceled due to continually decreasing ratings and part of that could have been how it took two full seasons to conclude the murder mystery that begin in season one. The Swedish series on which The Killing was based (Forbrydelsen) followed a different crime each season – a quality most figured (hoped) the US version would adopt. When it didn't, viewers began to question how long a series like this could go on without giving answers.

The Cast of The Killing

Unfortunately, producers worried that abandoning many of the Rosie Larson storyline's key characters in favor of new ones would alienate viewers. What they ended up with instead was a fan base disgruntled by a completely unresolved season 1 plot.

The Killing may yet live on through another network or service, but as time ticks by so do the odds of this revitalization ever getting off the ground. The series was applauded for its moody atmosphere and attention to detail, but its resistance to revealing too much too early was its downfall.

Do you think that either Netflix or DirecTV should save The Killing?


Source: TV Line


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