Director's Roundtable: Cameron, Tarantino, Jackson & More!

Today we have something a little special for you Screen Rant readers - a roundtable discussion with some of the best directors in the business, courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter. The roundtable features (ready for this?) James Cameron (Avatar), Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds), Peter Jackson (The Lovely Bones), Jason Reitman (Up in the Air), Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) and Lee Daniels (Precious). All at the same table!

The discussion is broken into three videos; we've posted one here and you can head over to THR if you want to watch the rest (and why wouldn't you?). The one we've chosen is Cameron, Jackson and Co. talking about what they feel is the toughest scene to shoot as a director. Answers range from the big cinematic stuff to the up-close-and-personal scenes. It's pretty damn awesome to see this bunch of great filmmakers talk about their craft all at the one table.



If you want you can head over to THR where they have the videos of the group discussing what they would do instead of directing and "Insider or Outsider."

As usual, Tarantino is very talkative and a bit full of himself (all part of his charm! :P ); what Bigelow said about shooting in a Palestinian refugee camp was especially interesting; and I was surprised to hear Jackson say that the big cinematic stuff wasn't what was difficult for him on Lord of the Rings but rather the simple, intimate dialogue stuff at the table. He and Tarantino couldn't be more opposite in that way, I guess.

You don't get to see such a group of filmmakers come together and discuss what they do very often, so to see particularly this group together was really cool. I'd definitely love to see more of this stuff, perhaps rotating every once in a while with different sets of directors (for instance, I'd love to see David Lynch and Tim Burton discuss the film's they make :) ).

Thoughts on this amazing group of directors and what they said in the above roundtable discussion? Which other directors would you like to see at the table together?

Source: THR

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