Dimension 404 Trailer: Hulu’s Own Black Mirror

After a long absence from the spotlight, anthology TV series have reemerged in a big way in the last few years, although mostly with a twist. While classic anthology programs like The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Crypt told a new story with new characters every week, most of today's anthology shows follow the route traveled by long-running FX hit American Horror Story, with each season functioning as its own mostly self-contained story.

That said, one program that has helped the old-school style of genre anthology stay alive on TV is Black Mirror, which originally aired on the UK's Channel 4, before relocating to Netflix last year. So far, three short seasons have been produced, with a fourth already confirmed as being on the way. Black Mirror primarily focuses on telling stories centered around the unexpected societal consequences of new technology to modern life, and often employs a dark, satirical edge.

Now, Hulu is about to get in on the action with their own upcoming sci-fi anthology series, entitled Dimension 404. Like Black Mirror, Dimension 404 tells a new story in each episode, and also focuses creatively on tales driven by the misuse of and unanticipated issues caused by futuristic technological advancements. Unlike Black Mirror, Dimension 404 seems to be going for an overall much weirder, more outwardly comedic and quirky vibe. Check out the official trailer for Dimension 404 above, and prepare yourself to tune in soon, as the show premieres next Tuesday, April 4.

Dimension 404 comes courtesy of Lionsgate Television and RocketJump, and was co-created by Dez Dolly and Will Campos. Season 1 is set to consist of six episodes, each running about an hour in length. Plot details for all six episodes have yet to be revealed, although one involves a cutting-edge dating app gone wrong, another follows a nostalgic student eager to prove the existence of her favorite '90s show that nobody else can remember, and a third centers on a snobby theater critic who is convinced that the 3D screening he's attending is a front for the summoning of a Lovecraftian inter-dimensional beast. Yeah, it's that kind of show.

Dimension 404 season 1 sports a sizeable roster of notable names in its cast, including former Community lead Joel McHale, Modern Family's Sarah Hyland, iZombie's Robert Buckley, Will & Grace veteran Megan Mullally, and character actor extraordinaire Tom Noonan. Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, serves as the series' narrator. With that kind of cast, and clearly creative ambitions, Dimension 404 seems like a good prospect for those looking for a weekly sci-fi anthology fix.

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Dimension 404 season 1 premieres Tuesday, April 4 on Hulu.

Source: RocketJump

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