Digimon: 15 Most Heartbreaking Moments, Ranked

Digimon might seem like a cute and heartwarming animated kids' series, but the show certainly has its moments of tragedy and heartbreak.

The Digital World may seem like an exciting place to explore and to have wild adventures in, but it isn't just chalked full of fun and games. Although it can be a world full of mysticism and wonder, at times it can also be a rather terrifying and heartbreaking place with evil Digimon lurking around the corner. Throughout the many seasons of Digimon, there were countless moments that broke the hearts of fans around the world.

From the crushing defeats of beloved characters such as Chuumon and Whamon to several relatable and heart-wrenching scenes that captured the struggle of what it’s like to live in the real world, this animated children’s series was able to incorporate powerful messages that went beyond the average trope of good versus evil.

Because we know that there is more to Digimon than just fighting digital monsters, we created a list of the 15 Most Heartbreaking Digimon Moments.

15 Oikawa Dies Right After Meeting His Partner Digimon

At the end of Digimon Adventure 02, one of the major antagonists Yukio Oikawa passed away after meeting his partner Digimon, Pipimon. Although Oikawa was considered as a villain by the end of the series, it was revealed that he was just a guy who was led astray.

For many years, Myotismon had been controlling Oikawa, forcing him to do awful things such as plant dark spores into the necks of children. In Oikawa’s mind, he believed he wasn’t doing them any harm. To him, he was fulfilling the promise he made of visiting the Digital World with his best friend Hiroki, who had passed away.

No one deserves to lose agency over their mind or body. Oikawa was brainwashed by an evil Digimon and had no control over himself. His death and his sacrifice to use the remains of his power to repair the damages of the digital world rather than spending his last moments with Pipimon was meant to be a moment of redemption, but it was also a moment of tragedy.

14 The Adventure Kids Have To Leave The Digital World

Many fans were brought to tears when the Chosen Children of Digimon Adventure had to cut their summer vacation short to leave the Digital World before the solar eclipse ended and the gate back to the real world was closed for good.

The eight DigiDestined-- who had planned to spend a fun and relaxing summer with their partner Digimon as a reward for defeating the Dark Masters and Apocalymon-- discovered that they only had two hours left in the Digital World. They were told to say their goodbyes and that this was for the best.

One by one, scene by scene, each DigiDestined had a moment with their Digimon. From Kari giving her whistle to Gatomon as a precious memento to Palmon chasing after the trolley, waving her last goodbyes, fans were able to reminisce with the kids as they ventured back home to the real world.

13 Tai Forces Agumon To Digivolve Into SkullGreymon

After finding his crest of courage in episode “The Dark Network of Etemon”, Tai became obsessed with power and forced Agumon to dark digivolve into his ultimate level, SkullGreymon. This was a tragic moment for the leader of the DigiDestined, as Tai simply wanted an easy fix.

Tai wanted the power to defeat his enemies and, because of this need for power, Tai was rude to his friends and put himself in danger in order to make Agumon stronger.

While he may have had good intentions, Tai’s recklessness caused a lot of trouble. Instead of transforming into his crest of courage form, MetalGreymon, Agumon became an uncontrollable beast. As SkullGreymon, he went on a rampage and hurt his friends since he was in a frenzied state of mind.

Although Tai took responsibility for everything that happened at the end of the episode, it was hard to watch Agumon’s weakened dedigivolved form Koromon apologize for something he had no control over.

12 Myotismon Creates Illusions Of Lives The Kids Wished They Had

In the episode “The Last Temptation of the Digidestined”, Myotismon fired an attack against the 02 Digidestined which trapsped them in individual illusions that reflected the realities that they wished they lived in. These illusions ranged from Kari living in a world where everyone has a partner Digimon, to TK enjoying a meal with his parents.

What made these illusions heartbreaking was the fact that some of are were unrealistic, while others were meant to bring out their deepest fears.

The youngest member Cody envisions himself giving a tour of the Digital World to his father. Sadly, this dream is one that can never happen because Cody's father passed away when Cody was much younger.

Although the point of the illusion scenes were to not let the illusion of fear take over the mind, this episode was incredibly sad because it revealed so much of what many of these kids truly longed for, and, unfortunately, many of these hopes were unattainable.

11 Beelzemon Destroys Jeri’s Leomon

This Leomon wasn’t just a character who showed up for a few episodes to save a group of kids. He was a partner Digimon who had multiple episodes worth of character development and had taught his partner what it meant to have the heart of a lion.

In his last moments, Leomon left the world with words of wisdom:“to have power is not to be strong.”

You don’t need to kill or to fight to have strength. Strength comes in all forms, and this is a lesson that Beelzemon and Jeri had to learn throughout the rest of the season.

10 Tai Reveales That Kari Almost Died Because Of Him

In the episode “My Sister’s Keeper”, Tai reveals to Izzy that Kari almost died of pneumonia and that he blamed himself for her near-death experience. While he didn’t give her the sickness, he did put her in a situation that could have made the pneumonia worse.

It all happened when Tai was in the second grade and Kari was in kindergarten. He had just gotten back from school when he noticed Kari was watching TV. He thought she was feeling better after a long day of rest, so he took her to the park to play soccer.

After weakly kicking his soccer ball to him, Kari fainted and was taken to the hospital. Because of his careless actions, Tai was harshly reprimanded by his mother and was forced to carry the weight of his sister’s illness.

When Kari came home from the hospital, her first words to Tai were "I'm sorry I can't kick the ball very good. You'll probably never want to play with me again." In that moment, Tai-- as well as every viewer-- was brought to tears because he truly understood the weight of his actions.

9 Angemon Turns Into Data After His Fight With Devimon

Patamon was the last of the partner Digimon to digivolve in the beginning of the first season, so it was incredibly heartbreaking when he turned into data after he fought as Angemon against the first major antagonist, Devimon.

At the top of Infinity Mountain, Patamon fought the evil Digimon to no avail. That was until Patamon courageously digivolved into Angemon and vowed to defeat Devimon to bring peace back to the Digital World. Gathering energy from the Digivices, Angemon used the power of his teammates to defeat Devimon, but in return, he also used up all of his energy, disappearing with Devimon.

While Digimon may not die in the Digimon Adventure universe, the sight of Angemon disappearing into bits of data after his fight with Devimon was traumatic not only for his DigiDestined partner TK, but for the audience as well.

8 Wormmon Disappears In Ken’s Arms

It’s arguable that Ken Ichijouji’s entire backstory is heartbreaking, but one of the most heart-wrenching moments that he experienced on screen was the moment when Wormmon disappeared in his arms.

Prior to this devastating scene, Kimeramon, an ultimate level Digimon whom Ken created, was wreaking havoc across the digital world. This Digimon fought against the 02 DigiDestined and even turned his back on his creator.

Because Ken was frustrated that he couldn’t control Kimeramon, he took his anger out on Wormmon and whipped him. That was the last straw for Wormmon. Even when he was physically and verbally abused, Wormmon knew there was still a young boy with a kind heart inside of Ken, and that’s why couldn’t watch Ken walk the path of darkness any longer.

With all his might, Wormmon transferred his remaining energy to Magnamon in order to defeat Kimeramon. This moment was Ken’s wake up call. He realized that the Digital World wasn’t a game-- it's real, and you can’t press the reset button. His partner Digimon disappears in his arms, but luckily for him, data comes back in the form of a Digi-Egg.

7 Rika Nonaka’s Father Abandons Her

In the movie Digimon: Runaway Locomon, it was revealed that Rika Nonaka’s father abandoned her when she was a child. While trapped in an illusion created by Parasimon, Rika sang a song titled “Promise” and in this song, she asked her father “how could you promise you always would be there? Why’d you have to go away somewhere?

As Rika asked these tough questions, she watched her father walk off into the sunset without her. Because he left her, Rika was forced to go home alone. The scene ended with her walking pass an empty park swing that she used to play on with her father as a child.

This scene was emotional because it’s relatable to many fans. Abandonment is a real-world problem that people face every day. Digimon may be a children’s show but it’s definitely mature in the sense that it incorporates the struggle of real human experiences.

6 Black Wargreymon Uses The Last Of His Energy To Seal A Gate To The Digital World

After his encounter with Yukio Oikawa in episode “BlackWarGreymon’s Destiny”, BlackWarGreymon used the last of his strength as a gift to seal the Highton View Terrace Digital Gate. According to TK, “he always wanted to do something meaningful with his life,” and BlackWarGreymon most certainly did.

While he may have been an antagonist created by Arukenimon, BlackWarGreymon differed from the other control spire Digimon because he was aware of his existence and was able to grasp philosophical concepts such as the nature of the heart and soul.

Although BlackWarGreymon initially fought with the DigiDestined, his sacrifice was one to remember. It not only closed a gate to the Digital World, but it also gave the DigiDestined time to figure out their next move in defeating Oikawa.

5 Tai Has To Leave Kari To Return To The Digital World

At the end of episode “Home Away From Home”, Tai had to leave Kari in the real world in order for him to return to the Digital World.

After defeating Etemon, Tai and Koromon were transported to Tai’s hometown when they were sucked through a dimensional rift created by Etemon's Dark Network. While in the real world, Tai visited his family’s home only to be welcomed by the absence of his parents. His sister Kari was left alone in the apartment to take care of herself.

While this episode may be considered as a filler, it was one that pulled on heartstrings because it showed Tai’s softer side as an older brother. While he was also shown doing mundane tasks such as cooking eggs and watching the news, in this episode viewers were able to see him bond with his younger sister through these moments.

What made the ending of this episode hard to watch was the fact that Tai had to go and that Kari couldn’t go with him. Tai was literally ripped away from her, and she was left in the rubble to fend for herself.

4 Koichi Kimura Looses His Footing And Falls Down A Flight Of Stairs

In episode “Ne’er The Twins Shall Meet”, it was revealed that, while trying to meet his twin brother Koji for the first time, Koichi lost his footing and fell down a flight of stairs.

Prior to his fall, Koichi had been following Koji in an attempt to get to know him. When they were much younger, their parents divorced and each parent took custody of one of the twins. It was later that Koichi learned from his dying grandmother that he had a brother.

Since then, he made a point of tracking down Koji and his father to see what kind of lives they were living. Over time, he grew bitter about his father's decision to abandon his mother and take his brother away from him, and became an isolated character.

When Koichi fell, he was attempting to escape that isolation and reunite with his brother. This scene was tragic because, as the show moved forward, it was revealed that the fall almost killed him and stopped him from ever reconnecting with his family.

3 Yokomon Forgets Who Sora Is

Since the beginning of Digimon Adventure, Yokomon and Sora have always had an inseparable bond, so when Yokomon forgot who Sora was in Digimon Tri: Loss, many Adventure fans were heartbroken.

At the end of Digimon Tri: Confession, in order to save the Digimon and the Digital World from being infected by a virus causing Digimon to go berserk, the DigiDestined had to make the difficult decision of resetting the Digital World back to its original setting. While the reset saved the Digimon from the virus, it also erased all the Digimons’ memories of their partners and their adventures in the Digital World.

All of the partner Digimon forgot their humans, but, for the most part, they were able to rekindle their bonds easily... except for Yokomon. Yokomon was skeptical of Sora in Loss and even acted out against her.

Their bonds may have connected once more at the end of the movie, but it was hard to watch a once powerful friendship break due to the forces of evil.

2 Wizardmon Sacrifices Himself To Protect Gatomon And Kari

In the episode “Wizardmon’s Gift”, Wizardmon threw himself in front of Myotismon’s Grizzly Wing attack to protect Gatomon and Kari from being killed.

Prior to his sacrifice, it was discovered in episode “The Eight Child Revealed” that Wizardmon was a longtime friend of Gatomon and that Gatomon once saved him when he was traveling aimlessly across the desert. Since then, he made a promise to himself that he would do anything to return the favor, and would thus follow Gatomon and protect her.

While most Digimon in the Digital World become data and dedigivolve into Digi-Eggs, Wizardmon didn’t have that luxury after he was slain by Myotismon. Because his death was in the real world, his data wasn’t transferred to the primary village and he wasn’t able to have his rebirth like many of the other Digimon who had “passed away” in the series.

1 Patamon Is Infected And Tells TK To Finish Him Off If He Becomes Violent

One of the most tragic scenes in Digimon Tri: Confession was the scene when Patamon revealed to TK that he knew he was infected with the virus and wanted TK to finish him off if he were to become violent.

In this scene, Patamon was at peace with dying because he knew that he had the memory of meeting TK and this was enough for him. With tears in his eyes, Patamon told TK not to cry, but TK cried anyway and embraced his friend.

These two characters had endured so much throughout the Digimon Adventure series. From Angemon turning into data after his fight with Devimon to Angemon digivolving into MagnaAngemon for the very first time during his fight against Piedmon, TK and Patamon had experienced an abundance of happiness and hardship together.

TK did not finish off Patamon, but the reset of the Digital World at the end of Confession was a repercussion in itself.


Can you think of any other heartbreaking Digimon moments that made you cry? Let us know about them in the comments.

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