15 Incredible BTS Secrets About Diesel Brothers

If you’ve never seen the hit Discovery show Diesel Brothers, it’s like the Mormon version of Orange County Choppers-- only instead of putting together custom motorcycles, Heavy D and Diesel Dave put together insanely powerful diesel trucks in their home state of Utah. Some of these are created for custom orders, while others are made just for the challenge.

Their current fame started out when they decided to promote their businesses on social media, showcasing their diesel beasts with videos that included insane stunts, challenges, and pranks around the shop. It was enough to get them a spot on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as well as their own Discovery Channel series.

The Diesel Brothers brand has only grown, with the brothers now managing their own lifestyle brand and providing fans with free truck giveaways as part of their custom diesel business.

As of last October, their show has just wrapped three seasons of pranks, stunts, and workshop shenanigans, but there’s more to the Diesel Brothers than meets the eye.

Behind the crazy fun and billowing beards, the lives and livelihoods of Heavy D, Diesel Dave, The Muscle, and Red Beard are darker, stranger, and way more baffling than many fans thought.

With that said, here are the 15 Secrets You Didn't Know About Diesel Brothers.

15 They’re currently being sued by doctors in Utah

Diesel Brothers has never been a show to push environmentalism, but according to Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, they’ve been polluting more than they let on.

UPHE says that they’ve been aware of diesel tuning shops specializing in removing automotive emission systems since 2007, and that the diesel tuning and modification businesses around the state have been helping customers with “rolling coal.”

This basically means that modifying or removing an exhaust system to emit impressive stacks of rolling black smoke, and in January 2017 UPHE targeted the stars behind Diesel Brothers in a lawsuit alleging that they’ve contributed to the pollution problem by altering or removing emission regulation components on their trucks.

The brothers themselves have called the lawsuit “overly broad,” and have supported the production of biodiesel, but there’s plenty of evidence in the complaint that the brothers have favored the diesel aesthetic over the preservation of the environment.

14 Fans have accused them of obtaining parts and labor illegally

With passionate fans come passionate grievances, and considering how many Diesel Brothers fans there are, it’s no surprise that when they feel betrayed, they make sure the show knows it.

Fans have posted in comment sections on the Diesel Brothers’ websites with allegations that they use illegal immigrants for labor and obtain parts for their custom builds by illegal means.

Spoiler alert: there’s no actual concrete evidence to support this, and Heavy D has posted videos in support of both immigrant labor and refining the immigration process in America.

As for getting parts illegally, Diesel Brothers hasn’t been charged with obtaining parts through any illegal channels, but given their penchant for grabbing components from junkyards, they might have accidentally broken a law in the process a few times.

13 The production team recreated a fire that happened when the cameras weren’t rolling

Though many fans have been fooled into thinking that reality TV shows are unscripted, these shows aren't real at all. In fact, it’s well-known that producers and crews will often stage recreations of events that took place off-camera in order to use the new drama on-screen.

However, it's one thing to have two Kardashians redo a passive-aggressive dust-up for the cameras, but it's another thing entirely to recreate mishaps involving internal combustion and diesel fuel-- things can get dangerous pretty quickly.

How dangerous? "Truck cab on fire and spreading fast" dangerous. According to Heavy D, in only the second episode of the series, parts of a Duramax truck caught on fire while the cameras weren’t rolling.

Obliging the producers, the crew rigged parts of the truck to catch fire again, only according to Heavy D, the recreation “got out of hand.” On the set, there were roaring flames coming out of both sides of the truck.

12 Heavy D’s dad taught him how to fake seizures to get out of speeding tickets

When memorializing a loved one who’s passed on, most people tend to focus on the good things about the person and his life. Some people like to present both sides of their dearly departed, as a fitting tribute to the complex person they were in life.

Heavy D chose the second path when he Instagramed a tribute to his father, thanking him for teaching him how to fake seizures to get out of speeding tickets. In doing so, he raised roughly a lot of questions.

Many fans have wondered if he learned this by example after watching his father fake-seize, or whether his father coached him on fake seizures before the cop walked up to the driver’s window on one of their drives.

Also, what kind of police officer would just let them go rather than volunteer to call emergency services and get them to a hospital, and how many times was this awful trick deployed by the duo?

11 Many fans were outraged about Heavy D’s comments on illegal immigration

Diesel Brothers has many fans with questionable knowledge of other countries. It turns out that said fans also have questionable opinions about people from other countries. Some controversy started after Heavy D posted a video in Spanish looking for a new painter.

A lot of fans were upset and posted mean, xenophobic comments. There were so many comments that Heavy D decided to post a follow-up later the same day. In it, he expressed his disgust with people who become “mean behind the keyboard.”

He called out the commenters by name, and said that illegal immigration is just a drop in the bucket compared to the people who are commenting on the video with xenophobic and racist views.

Midway through the video, he stated that he hopes the people who’ve commented on his previous post don’t represent the majority of the country “because [if so,] we’re screwed.”

10 The stars like to prank each other on set by stealing their vehicles and hiding them

Pranks are generally ranked by how much personal inconvenience it causes the pranked victim. Minimum-inconvenience pranks are “kick-me” signs, fake poop, and other things that can be cleaned up in a second.

Going up the spectrum, and unique to the 21st century, are social media pranks: doxxing, catfishing, and taking over a friend’s Facebook who was stupid enough to leave their laptop open and logged in, among others.

However, stealing a friend’s personal property that is worth thousands of dollars and leaving it somewhere for them to find is on a whole other prank level entirely.

Apparently, it’s the Diesel Brothers crew's favorite thing to do. They love to “play hide and seek” with each other’s trucks. Somehow, they've even manage to hide each other’s trucks on top of shipping containers.

Heavy D estimates that about “67% of the stuff we do doesn’t make it on air.” That sounds about right.

9 The stars spent two years doing Mormon missionary work in South America and Portugal

It’s not heavily advertised on the show, but the Heavy D and Diesel Dave both practice the Mormon faith. It makes sense, given that they are lifelong Utah residents, but it goes deeper than that.

Diesel Dave was recently sealed to his family in a Latter-Day Saints temple, a ceremony in which Mormon families reinforce their bonds for all eternity, even into the afterlife.

Before they were fantastically bearded diesel jockeys, the two were called by their faith to spread the church’s teachings as missionaries, and ended up working in South America and Portugal for two-year stints.

Both worked to spread the word of their faith before they returned to Utah to put the same passion into refurbishing and crafting diesel trucks.

8 Fans are constantly asking the producers, stars, and network hoping for free trucks

Everybody who watches Diesel Brothers wants to live the diesel life and own one of the trucks that the brothers create and DieselSellerz gives away regularly.

Unfortunately, thousands of their fans have badgered Heavy D, Diesel Dave, the producers, and the Discovery Channel on social media in attempt to obtain their very own free trucks.

While some of the comments are only trolls, others are people who demand their right to have a free diesel truck and don’t know how to enter the giveaway.

At the same time, some of the comments provide genuinely heartbreaking tales of pain and need, going into detail about disabled members and how having a big truck would make their lives easier. Unfortunately, tales like this get lost in the eternal flash floods of electric garbage that are internet comment sections.

7 Fans have accused them of using foreign parts

The Diesel Brothers are proud of their American heritage and are proud of the American military and their family’s roots to the armed services. They put the American flag on a lot of the gear and apparel that they sell on their websites.

Thus fans felt a bit betrayed when the brothers developed a line of tires called “Patriot Tires” that were actually manufactured in Taiwan.

Those same fans began a campaign, stating that the tires were made in several other Asian countries, which was a testament to their undoubtedly rigorous research standards.

Recently, fans have been debating whether or not Taiwan is a part of China, while others have stated that they believe that Patriot Tires are actually made in Korea. The tires are actually produced in Taiwan by Federal Tyres, which, according to Heavy D, has an impeccable manufacturing record.

6 Fans have to buy their merchandise to be eligible to enter their truck “giveaways”

For many fans, the biggest draw to the Diesel Brothers’ business is their truck giveaways. In these giveaways, they give out a a rebuilt high-powered diesel truck to one lucky follower.

Every month, their website features a new creation that they've made that ends up in the hands of a contest winner. However, it turns out that these “giveaways” that DieselSellerz sponsor aren’t really “giveaways” in the eyes of the Federal Trade Commission.

On the FTC website, they list a number of common prize scams, and the biggest indication that a contest is a scam is if you have to pay money in order to receive your prize.

Sure enough, you can’t enter to win a DieselSellerz truck giveaway without first purchasing something from their Diesel Power lifestyle brand. While the winners do receive their trucks, it raises some eyebrows that fans are forced to purchase gear in order to be eligible.

5 Their website crashed for almost two weeks when the show premiered

It’s hard for any business to adapt to a sudden surge in popularity, and the surge of starring in a new Discovery reality show apparently overwhelmed the Diesel Brothers’ website during the first two weeks after its premiere.

After its first episode aired on January 4, 2016, the comments section of “The DieselSellerz Business” page on Discovery’s website was inundated with fans who were attempting to visit the Brothers’ truck-selling page, only to come up with a blank page or error screens.

The technical problems persisted for more than two weeks, with constant comments about the broken website. Given that the Diesel Brothers initially made their name and fame with their website and social media presence, this was a massive oversight on their part.

4 The Diesel Brothers have sold aftermarket exhaust systems

According to the complaint filed by the Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, the Diesel Brothers are complicit in polluting the nicest state in the country.

They’ve knowingly sold and offered aftermarket exhaust systems that are designed to bypass vehicles’ existing pollution regulation parts in order to enable the release of smoke from vehicle's exhaust pipes.

This includes selling parts designed to completely bypass trucks’ and vehicles’ pollution reduction systems in order to make their emissions look cooler.

The Diesel Brothers have made it clear that they haven’t been sued by the EPA, and allege that the UPHE is suing them just because they’re the most visible diesel shop in the state because other unaffiliated diesel trucks rolled up in front of Utah’s capitol building during an environmentalist protest.

3 Their company is actually three separate entities

The Diesel Brothers are pretty smart when it comes to managing their company and image. Their DieselSellerz website gets a lot of publicity since it's the website that the brothers use to sell and give away diesel trucks.

However, casual viewers of the TV show might not realize that their business is actually divided into three parts: DieselSellerz, Diesel Power, and Sparks Motors. One of these things is not like the other, but it’s not the one you think.

Sure, Sparks Motors might seem out of place compared to DieselSellerz and Diesel Power, but it’s named after Heavy D’s civilian moniker and started the Diesel Brothers.

Diesel Power is actually the odd duck of the three-- it’s a lifestyle brand themed around the Diesel Brothers show and image. On the site, fans can purchase anything from a tactical pen to beard growth stimulator.

2 They’re not actually brothers

Based on the title of the show, you’d assume that the two men behind the Diesel Brothers brand, Heavy D and Diesel Dave, were actually brothers. However, it turns out that they’re only brothers in spirit.

As evidenced by their similiar monikers, David Sparks and David Kiley are related only by their hot-blooded love of diesel and beards.

The two actually met at a church event for young singles, and what happened next is as heartwarming as any rom-com. Heavy D invited Diesel Dave on a trip with his friends, and when Heavy D accidentally began filling his new pickup with regular gasoline instead of diesel, Diesel Dave saved Heavy’s new ride by syphoning the gas out of it.

While the syphoning happened, legend has it they bonded and hatched the idea that eventually became DieselSellerz.

1 Heavy D’s dad was discharged from the military after developing a brain tumor

The Diesel Brothers don't hide their love and support for the men and women fighting for our country. For Heavy D, his admiration for the military comes from a place of pride and heartache, owing to the exploits of his Green Beret father and the sad end of his career.

His father was medically discharged from the Army after developing a brain tumor. Doctors originally told him that he had just weeks to live. However, according to Heavy D, his dad “kicked cancer’s a**” and managed to live for another 20 years with a cavity in his skull where the tumor had been removed.

Unfortunately, cancer reared its terrible maw again and claimed Heavy D’s father in 2007, but not without a fight.


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