20 Funniest Responses To Len Wiseman's Die Hard 6 Announcement

Shocked Bruce Willis

Yesterday evening, Twentieth Century Fox and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura let the trades announce that they're moving forward with Die Hard 6 and that Len Wiseman would be returning to the franchise to direct.

Wiseman helmed the most lucrative (and only PG-13 rating) Die Hard installment with Live Free Or Die Hard and for the next one, they're planning on going back in time with a prequel. Wiseman's pitch has the film set in 1979 and titled Die Hard Year One. It follows the story of (what we all believed was an ordinary) McClane as an NYPD cop but the script will allow for franchise star Bruce Willis to return somehow as present day, older John McClane.

It all sounds weird as we discussed yesterday and while the Die Hard series is certainly a profitable one given that the franchise's worst installment (2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard) still brought in over $300 million at the worldwide box office, it's difficult to envision another actor playing John McClane, especially long before he survived the hellish situation in the original 1988 Die Hard. Then again, Joseph Gordon-Levitt nailed it in Looper.

The series was going to inevitably continue and after the success of Die Hard 5, screenwriter Ben Trebilcook's began writing Die Hardest which would see McClane head to Tokyo to be commended by the Nakatomi Corporation for saving lives in the original film. It may have even brought back Samuel L. Jackson's Zeus from Die Hard: With a Vengeance. Instead, there's this:

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