Die Hard 6 Producer Hints At Return Of Holly McClane To Franchise

McClane (aka Die Hard 6) producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura hints at the return of Holly McClane (Bonnie Bedelia) to the series. The original Die Hard found New York cop John McClane flying to L.A. to visit his estranged wife Holly during a Christmas party at her office. Their reunion is interrupted when a gang of thieves seize control of the skyscraper, and it’s up to John to save the hostages. Die Hard was in stark contrast to the action movies of that era featuring muscle-bound, indestructible heroes, with John being a flawed, vulnerable cop struggling to stay alive.

Die Hard 2 picks up two years after the original, with McClane once again getting caught up in a siege, this time at an airport, with a plane Holly’s flying on also being in danger. Thankfully, their marriage seemed much stronger following the events of the original. Die Hard With A Vengeance would change that, however, with the couple again being separated after John becomes an alcoholic. Live Free Or Die Hard would later confirm the two got divorced, with John being estranged from his children as a result.

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McClane will be the sixth entry in the series and has been in development for a number of years. Len Wiseman (Live Free Or Die Hard) returns to direct, and the film will be a split narrative, with one section focusing on a young McClane meeting Holly and working on a big case, while present-day John (Willis) deals with the fallout from that old case. Now in a new interview with Slashfilm, McClane producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura answered a question about Holly's role in the plot and Bonnie Bedelia’s possible return.

I’m surprised Len has given that out. I would rather not [talk about Holly]. Maybe this is a way to answer it without answering that specifically. Part of what McClane is to get to know the mythology before the movies started. So that’s where we’re going to meet characters that we may know from before.

He also had this to say about John and Holly finally working things out in McClane.

In the present day? It’s not there right now but it is absolutely hinted that that’s a possibility.

In a way, John reuniting with Holly would be a nice way to wrap up the family storyline that began with Live Free Or Die Hard. In that entry, John reunited with his daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), and in A Good Day To Die Hard he made peace with his CIA agent son John Jr (Jai Courtney). McClane is said to really focus on the title character and his legacy, and since the start of his relationship with Holly will play a big part of the narrative, it makes sense for the movie to provide some resolution to it also.

A Good Day To Die Hard proved to be a huge disappointment to fans, with a weak storyline, badly edited action and a lacklustre performance by Willis. It’s an encouraging sign that producers are taking the time to develop a good script for McClane, so hopefully, the end result will prove to be a fitting send-off to the character.

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Source: Slashfilm

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