Fox Eyeing 'Wolverine' Writer For 'Die Hard 5'

Die Hard 5 writer Skip Woods finishes a script

If you thought Live Free or Die Hard (or Die Hard 4.0 as most countries other than the U.S. knew it as) was the last time John McClane was going to find himself mixed up with terrorism and lunatics then think again, as Die Hard 5 is on the way.

Star Bruce Willis talked about his interest in doing another Die Hard last year around the time of the release of The Surrogates. Earlier this year, Willis talked more about the fifth film, hinting at a possible shooting start date sometime next year (I assumed early 2011 so it could make the summer season).

However, things may be moving ahead quicker than that as Risky Business is reporting that 20th Century Fox has already found a writer for Die Hard 5 in the form of Skip Woods. Woods has a few credits to his name including X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Hitman and Swordfish. Okay, so he's not exactly Shakespeare but I guess you don't need to be in order to write the sort of exciting action the Die Hard franchise is known for.

Woods is just in negotiations at this point and for those wondering what the plot might be, you're out of luck. Nothing is known at this point but at least one person has been confirmed for the film, and that is producer Alex Young (The A-Team, Predators). There's no word if Live Free or Die Hard director, Len Wiseman, will return as Willis recently said he was in favor of. But I would be extremely shocked if Willis didn't reprise his role as John McClane, even if he is in his middle fifties.

Bruce Willis returning as John McClane in Die Hard 5

Heck, if Harrison Ford can come back to play Indiana Jones when he's almost 70, why can't a 55-year-old Willis come back as good ol' John McClane to kick more bad guy ass?

If you're wondering why they're even thinking about making another Die Hard - it's really not that big of a surprise. Although the fourth movie wasn't as good as the first three - some would argue that was as a result of the rating change from "R" to PG-13 - it still made almost $400 million worldwide. And it's a well-known franchise that will get people into the theater, no matter what the story is.

I enjoyed Live Free or Die Hard and honestly wouldn't mind another film. What about you: Looking forward to more bad luck for John McClane? Or has he endured enough?

No word yet on when we might see Die Hard 5 (Live Free or Die Harder?) hit theaters. Stay tuned.

Source: Risky Business

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