Die Hard Gets Stunningly Explosive 30th Anniversary Poster

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Die Hard has received a stunningly explosive poster. The classic Bruce Willis film is among the most beloved in the action genre, and it seems only fitting that such a seminal piece of filmmaking receives a celebratory artwork that fully embodies Die Hard’s action-packed energy.

First released back in July 1988, Die Hard has since gone down in history as one of the most iconic action films of all time. Made for $28 million, Die Hard went on to make more than $140 million at the box office. And as the years have gone on, the film has only continued to garner more and more fans, especially as its status as a punchy Christmas movie has grown to huge heights (even though Bruce Willis himself may disagree with its image as a holiday movie).

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30 years following its release, a new poster now comes from artist Florey and Dark Ink that celebrates the film and one of its most iconic scenes. The new poster depicts John McClane’s jump from the roof of the Nakatomi building using a fire hose while a huge explosion plumes out behind him. Illustrated with dazzling reds and blues, Florey’s poster captures Die Hard’s jaw-dropping moment perfectly. Prints of Florey’s poster can be purchased via Dark Ink.

Even though it's been three decades since audiences first saw McClane’s fiery drop from Nakatomi Plaza on the big screen, Die Hard’s spirit lives on to this very day – and not only because of artists like Florey. Plans for a sixth installment of the Die Hard franchise are still ongoing, and Willis himself confirmed earlier this year that he has been spending time reviewing the new film’s script. Titled McClane, the movie will serve as a prequel to the original Die Hard and will follow a young John McClane working the NYPD beat.

Though some fans have their reservations about a prequel that will try to shed light on the endearing character of McClane that’s first seen in Die Hard, Willis has insisted on being actively involved in the film to help soothe fans’ anxieties. In August, it was revealed that the actor will actually be helping filmmakers cast the actor who will portray the young McClane, which was certainly a piece of good news to those who were convinced that director Len Wiseman wouldn't be able to pick the right person to fill Willis’ shoes. With this upcoming prequel in development and Die Hard’s recent 30th anniversary, there’s no better time to rewatch the action flick. And with Florey and Dark Ink’s celebratory poster, fans can have a piece of Die Hard history hanging right in their own homes.

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Source: Dark Ink

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