Did You Know There's a Witchblade Movie On The Way?

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Well here's an obscure little bit o' news: There's a Witchblade movie currently in production, set for release some time in 2009. And no, it's not a direct-to-DVD movie (at this point, anyway) and that's why I mentioning it here.

The three images above show from left to right: The version of the character from the short-lived TV series, the version of the character in her original form from the comic book, and on the right the version from the first teaser poster for the Witchblade movie.

Seems to me the movie version will be a bit more similar to the comics than the TV one, don't 'cha think?

I haven't seen much written about this and honestly as far as I'm concerned it does have direct-to-DVD written all over it, but hey, what do I know?

A couple of days ago our pals at posted a quote by Matt Hawkins, one of the producers of the film:

"We turned down a few direct-to-DVD possibilities and held out for more of what we were looking for," said Hawkins, confirming the theatrical release plans. "I've always respected Marc [Silvestri's] position on other media development; that he'd rather there not be a film, game, or whatever than be some one-off piece of sh*t. Of course this is subjective, one man's piece of sh*t could certainly be another man's favorite film … heh. Getting a live action film going with a female lead is tough though!"

So at least in his eyes, there is going to be some attempt at quality here. Now I have nothing against hot naked women wearing nothing but a magical metal glove, but for some reason I can't put my finger on, that doesn't scream "quality film" to me.

There's also a placeholder website for the movie where you can submit your email address for updates and stare at a hi-res version of the artist's rendition of her perfect butt:

The Witchblade Movie Poster (2009)
The Witchblade Movie Poster (2009)

The film is being written by Marc Silvestri, who co-created the character about 15 years ago. Silvestri is also listed as one of the executive producers on Wanted, BTW. The film is being directed by Michael Rymer, one of the producers on the most excellent Battlestar Galactica, although he doesn't have much in the way of stellar directing examples on his resume (Queen of the Damned - ouch). The production company is Platinum Dunes.

Disclaimer: I have never read a single issue of the comic book nor have a watched the TV show.

For an in-depth interview with writer Silvestri head over to then come back and let us know what you think.

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