DiCaprio & Winslet Reunite In Revolutionary Road

If you get most of your movie news from Screen Rant, you probably haven't heard of Revolutionary Road. :-)

This film will be released on December 26th and is sure to be nominated for a bunch of Oscars for 2008. It reunites Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as a couple again, giving us flashbacks to Titanic. Ah, but believe it or not that movie is already 11 years old and both of these actors have matured a LOT since the last James Cameron "event" movie.

I haven't seen Winslet in anything since the upside-down boat romanto-epic but I have seen DiCaprio in a few films since then. Believe me, he is NOT the young, annoying kid you remember from that movie. He's gone on to appear in a series of heavy dramatic roles.

In The Departed he still had some of that youngish vibe, but he graduated to full man status in Blood Diamond and continued to impress in the recent Body of Lies. He's already 34 years old, believe it or not. Kate Winslet is 33 and while still quite beautiful, she looks more "real" and not like the porcelain figurine she was in Titanic.

In any case, I've already seen this but can't publish my review until it opens, but I can tell you that if you want a break from superhero/action movies and are starved for a film with some decent character development, you should go see this when it comes out the day after Christmas.

Here's the trailer, but PLEASE don't let the AWFUL music throw you - it is NOT used in the film at all.


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