The Curious Case Of DiCaprio's Button Man

Maybe it's because of a few commercial and critical disappointments that he has had lately (Revolutionary Road and Body of Lies) but Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be swimming in (slightly) more commercial waters for the first time since Titanic (let's skim over Catch Me If You Can).

The actor has now signed up to a feature adaptation of John Wagner and Arthur Ranson's Button Man. The comic (and film) follows a hired killer named Harry Exton who fights in an underground sport with other killers.

Each killer works for a Voice, a wealthy (but unknown) man who controls part of the game. The aim is simple - kill the other players or take the first three joints of their finger. If they lose three fingers then they are killed outright.  When Harry tries to leave he finds it more difficult than he anticipated.

This news on Button Man comes at an odd time for me. I read the original comic strip in 2000 AD way back in 1992 and I recently (by chance) came across a graphic novel in a book shop (which I bought) so I'm very intrigued by the development of this film. While I may not be a DiCaprio fan I do feel that he could be great in this part.

It's a dark and gritty story that could make for a very textured and tense film - that is, if the right director is hired.  Considering the sort of A-list directors that DiCaprio works with, don't be too surprised if a big shot helmer is brought on board rather than a gun for hire (pardon the puns).

Hilary Seitz has written the screenplay for the film that is based at Dreamworks.

It's difficult to say when (and if) this film makes it through development. DiCaprio has quite a few projects on his plate at the minute and as he's one of Hollywood's top stars -  that list isn't going to get any shorter!

When there is movement on Button Man, Screen Rant will let you know.

Source: Cinema Blend

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