Diane Lane: Justice League Won't Be Better Than The Avengers

Diane Lane (Martha Kent) is stirring up more DC controversy saying Justice League will not be better than Marvel's The Avengers.

The DCEU has not been without controversy and Diane Lane may have accidentally added to that by saying Justice League won't be better than The Avengers. Warner Bros. has made a big push to get the DCEU off the ground and running, and one of the biggest ways to jump start the universe has been the formation of the Justice League before each character gets a solo movie. This strategy allows for Justice League to come out years before and capitalize on the boom in comic book movies, which can be largely equated to the success of The Avengers.

However, even though studio executives and most people agree it is in everyone's best interest to see all comic book movies succeed, there is another section of fans that have divided the genre into a Marvel vs DC fight. This has caused somewhat venomous factions that believe only their side is good and think every Marvel or DC film - depending on their stance - needs to be better than any other film from the other side. But, the DCEU's Diane Lane doesn't think Justice League will ultimately be better than Avengers.

This statement came about during an interview Lane - who plays Martha Kent in the DCEU - had on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show. The interview allowed for fans to call in and when one asked if she had any Justice League spoilers and if she thought it will be a better movie than 2012's The Avengers, Lane had a quick response that is sure to be divisive saying, "No and no. [laughs] Short but honest. I hate to disappoint."

First things first, this is simply Lane's opinion and not necessarily a jab at the quality of the film that will mark Zack Snyder's third entry in the universe. Also, there is no telling how big or small of a role Lane has in the movie to truly know how much she knows about the overall direction, and she has most likely yet to see anything close to a finished cut of the movie. She could simply be a big fan of The Avengers and understand how highly regarded the film is for many.

Even with her saying she hates to disappoint, that too may very well not be an indicator of the film's quality since she may be referring to being unable to divulge spoilers. Justice League has high expectations to meet - possibly the highest for any DCEU film - so she could simply be tempering said expectations so everyone can come out loving the film and not slightly disappointed that it didn't meet every ridiculously lofty expectation. Even if Justice League doesn't wind up being better than The Avengers, there is nothing wrong with that. Not every movie can be the best film ever made - not to say Avengers is - so the goal here should be producing the best Justice League movie.

The comparisons to Avengers have stuck with Justice League ever since it was announced. Both movies will bring together various heroes in a team-up fashion. Avengers was a true kick starter for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Justice League wants to have a similar response without question. Those similarities aside, the build up to each has been quite different. Avengers saw all of the characters previously introduced in better received films, while Justice League is marching forward with an established divisive past. Hopefully when the dust settles on Lane's statements and the release of Justice League, both Marvel and DC will have their own successful team-up movies.

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Source: Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen After Show

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