Diablo TV Series Reportedly in Development at Netflix

A new rumor speculates that Netflix is planning a TV show on the Diablo video game series and they already have a writer attached to the project.

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A new rumor suggests that Netflix is planning a TV series based on the Diablo video games. In early August, Blizzard, the developer behind Diablo, announced they were working on multiple projects. Fans began to speculate about what these projects could be, with many hoping for Diablo 4. Another popular rumor, which proved to be true, was that Diablo 3 will become available on the Nintendo Switch. A proposed TV show now joins the list of possible works in progress.

The Diablo series is one of many successful franchises made by Blizzard Entertainment, who also created World of Warcraft, StarCraft, and Overwatch. The RPG’s popularity has remained strong as ever, despite six years passing since the release of the last game. Although the developer did continue releasing post-launch content for Diablo 3 up until June 2017. But fans are eager for the series to continue. Considering the strength of the series’ sales as well as the passion of the fanbase, it seemed unlikely that Blizzard would let the series end. Other than a few cryptic statements, the future of the franchise has been kept secret.

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According to the website, RevengeoftheFans, Netflix is rumored to be planning a Diablo series and has already found their writer. Andrew Cosby, screenwriter for 2019’s Hellboy, is said to be attached to the possible project. Along with Hellboy, Cosby has written for the shows Haunted and Eureka, the latter of which he also co-created. His experience writing original and adapted works expands beyond Hollywood as he is the co-founder of Boom! Studios, a comic book company.

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It isn’t out the realm of possibility that Netflix is considering adding a Diablo series to their list of original programing. The streaming site has already based a show off the Castlevania series, with season 2 coming this October. An adaptation of The Witcher is also in the works. Netflix appears to have no problem with turning popular video games into shows.

This rumor should be treated with caution. There’s currently only one source claiming that Netflix has their sights set on Diablo. But with Blizzard busy drumming up renewed interest in the franchise, they could be preparing fans for some big news regarding Diablo’s future. This year’s BlizzCon would be the perfect opportunity to reveal more information on the studio’s multiple projects. For now, fans will have to remain cautiously optimistic about what Blizzard is planning. But whether it is Diablo 4, a TV series, or something else entirely, the result will likely thrill fans who have been patiently waiting for the Diablo series to continue.

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Source: Revenge of the Fans

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