Diablo TV Show Writer Confirms Netflix Animated Series in the Works

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Rumors of an animated series based on the popular Diablo games being produced for Netflix have seemingly been confirmed. It's been known that some kind of television series based on Diablo was in the works at Netflix, but it had been widely presumed to be a live-action piece.

Spanning three games across two decades, the Diablo series centers upon a fantasy realm called Sanctuary. Fixated between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, players take on the role of a hero attempting to defend Sanctuary from the invading forces of the Burning Hells, led by the demon Diablo. The games have inspired a number of tie-in novels and comic books, which continue the story of Sanctuary and the conflict between the various forces who seek to claim it.

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Blizz Planet confirmed that the new Diablo series that Netflix was sponsoring would be animated, rather than live-action. Later, writer Andrew Cosby (best known for his work as the creator of the science-fiction series Eureka, and penning the screenplay for the upcoming Hellboy reboot), posted a Tweet, which can be viewed below regarding the project. Cosby, who had been previously tied to a Diablo related project, confirmed that he was engaged in talks to act as a writer and show-runner on the new series.

That Tweet was later deleted, likely in expectation of a more formal announcement regarding the show's creative team to come, according to a report by Revenge Of The Fans. The announcement on Blizz Planet was also deleted, but by that time too many other news outlets had begun to circulate the story for it to be killed completely. While Cosby may still officially be in talks to negotiate the final terms of his contract, there's no sign that he will be ending his association with the project based on these recent events.

This news is no surprise, given the success Netflix has had to date in adapting video game properties into television series. Their production of an animated series based on Castlevania proved a monster hit (no pun intended), and the second season will be released just in time for Halloween. The streaming service is also working on a series based on The Witcher, with Henry Cavill cast as the monster-slaying hero Geralt of Rivia. An animated Diablo show would fit in quite well among such company, and is sure to be a big success, at least as soon as it's officially confirmed to exist by Blizzard and Netflix.

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