Diablo Immortal is Just The Beginning: Blizzard Has More Mobile Games Coming

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Diablo mobile game Diablo Immortal may have received a difficult reception when announced, but according to Blizzard it is just the beginning of the company’s move into mobile gaming. Blizzard is apparently looking to have a library of mobile games based on its most popular properties, as it aims to take advantage of that lucrative mobile gaming market alongside its core game development plans.

As game announcements go, Diablo Immortal got off to as rocky a start as possible. Revealed as part of Blizzcon 2018, fans of Diablo as a whole were extremely disappointed to see that the series was entering mobile gaming territory. Because of this, Diablo Immortal faced a vicious response on social media and heavy criticism of its trailers on YouTube, with a stunning ratio of likes to dislikes. This was made even worse when Blizzard started deleting negative comments for those trailers.

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This doesn’t seem to be deterring Blizzard, however. Instead, the company has made it clear that Diablo Immortal is just the beginning, with further mobile games due to arrive at a later date as part of a wider strategy. This was confirmed by Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham in an interview with Digital Trends, stating that mobile is a "big initiative" for Blizzard.

"I can say, without getting overly specific, that we have big plans for the mobile space," said Adham in the interview. The Blizzard co-founder suggested that, rather than Diablo Immortal being a one-off, players should "expect to see more mobile titles from us spanning all of our IPs at some point in the future." That could mean the likes of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Overwatch getting official mobile games going forward.

That’s not the news that fans of the developer perhaps will have wanted to hear, but Adham also reiterated that traditional PC players have not been forgotten. "We’ll have more news to share at some point in the future," said Adham of the potential for a Diablo 4 announcement. "Diablo is a tentpole franchise at Blizzard and we continue to work on many things in the Diablo franchise" continued the Blizzard co-founder, reiterating the previous news that there are several Diablo projects in development.

Nonetheless, that will be unlikely to be of much solace for those Diablo fans feeling let down by the announcement of Diablo Immortal. However, other Blizzard gamers will instead be left wondering what announcement will come next, and whether the company will be tempted by the microtransaction-based gameplay that plagues the mobile gaming scene as a whole when adapting these properties.

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Source: Digital Trends

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