Diablo 4 Gameplay Trailer Looks Like Classic Diablo

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 was finally unveiled during BlizzCon 2019, but the developer didn't stop at a spectacular CGI trailer–opting to also showcase the first-ever gameplay of the anticipated game. Admittedly, many gamers had been expecting Blizzard to reveal the next core Diablo game after many believed that the company dropped the ball last year with confirmation of a new mobile offering. So the reveal itself was always something on the table.

Despite this, whether or not more would be shown on Diablo 4 was marked by a massive question mark. Still, Blizzard had to deliver big in a year that's been bogged down by such huge controversies. While the shadow of Hong Kong's ongoing civil issues and Blizzard's stance on the matter looms over the event, the company kicked off BlizzCon by immediately addressing the elephant in the room. Shortly after this, Blizzard gave everyone their first look at Diablo 4.

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While the trailer was brutal and dark, setting up an interesting world to explore, the gameplay looks to a return to form of sorts. Diablo 4 doesn't look like it'll be muddying what makes it so popular, more so it is a massive improvement both visually and from a gameplay perspective. The biggest instance of change in the gameplay comes from the use of horses, which would indicate that the in-game world is at least large enough to require a faster form of transportation.

All-in-all Diablo 4 looks like the game that players were hoping to see revealed during BlizzCon 2018, which is very much a good thing in the eyes of core players. With Lilith seemingly set to be the main antagonist for the new game, things are sure to become even more interesting as players level up and grind up for what is presumably the final confrontation in Diablo 4. Hopefully, further hands-on reports from BlizzCon 2019 shed further light on the quality of the new game, but only time will tell.

During that demo, players can suit up as either The Barbarian, The Druid, or The Sorceress classes. These three will make it to the final game as, with more being revealed as consumers approach Diablo 4's eventual release. For now, though, Blizzard fans have their hands full with plenty of new announcements from the company. The newly-revealed Overwatch 2, in particular, looks like it could steal countless hours away from anyone's schedule–regardless of how busy it may be.

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