'Dexter' Producer Teases Season 9 Possibility (Again)

Dexter Season 7, Episode 11

If you absolutely thought that Dexter was ending after season 8, think again – maybe – as executive producer Scott Buck reveals that, while Dexter season 8 will be treated as the final season, there's still a chance that the show could continue into season 9. If you're not confused yet, stick around.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter about the Dexter season 7 finale, Buck attempts to confirm that Dexter will end in season 8. Unfortunately, he's not able to do that… because, as of right now, he's not even sure that it will end.

Here's what Buck had to say:

I don't have an answer to that because that's a Showtime decision. As far as I know, no actual decision has been made yet. I wish I knew so I could plan my life accordingly but I don't really know (laughs).

We are absolutely writing it with an end in sight but if we get told otherwise somewhere along the way, we'll take it in a different direction but we are definitely working toward the finale of the series. We are indeed, yes.

For those not familiar with the continuous confusion that has followed the end of Dexter, here's a quick rundown: executive producer Sara Colleton, who has been with the series from the beginning, said that season 7 is when they originally wanted to end the show, except that Showtime talked them into pushing it to season 8. Colleton said numerous times that the show will officially end after season 8. During all of this, Showtime president David Nevin continued to push for the show making it to season 9.

While it's true that, like Buck said, Dexter will most likely end after season 8, the continuous back and forth about its possible future means that Showtime may not be too keen to give up its Dark Passenger, even with Homeland's popularity continuing to rise.

What fans of Dexter should be concerned about, however, is how a last-minute move to continue the series into season 9 could impact the story producers originally intended to tell. Now that we're on season 8, the original tale of Dexter has already been extended to make use of the additional season.

Dexter Season 7 - Buck the System

With Dexter season 8 currently being planned, not having a definite end established has to impact development of the stories next season in some way, even if Buck is earnest about their "working toward the finale of the series." Unlike network series, Dexter has a 12-episode season, requiring a much more defined storyline since they don't have the additional episodes to write in or around certain elements.

And while what Buck said about a potential season 9 is true, that they could simply write towards another direction, the fact that there has to be "another direction" in the first place means that ending of Dexter, whenever it may be, will still need to include additional areas for producers to possibly explore, if needed. The drastic shift in focus for Fringe season 5 is the result of a similar move that was needed after the show was ultimately renewed after season 4.

To find out whether or not Dexter officially comes to an end at the end of season 8, fans will just have to wait and see. However, if Dexter season 7 is any sign of the quality of the eventual ending, perhaps one more season wouldn't hurt. Maybe.

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Dexter season 8 premieres in 2013 on Showtime.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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