Kevin Spacey Wanted to be a 'Big Bad' on 'Dexter'


On this week's episode of The Kevin Pollak Show, Dexter star Michael C. Hall revealed that, before Kevin Spacey began his climb in politics as Frank Underwood on Netflix’s hit series House of Cards, he was interested in joining the series as a ‘Big Bad’. So what happened?

In the two-hour interview (above), Hall talks about his Broadway beginnings, the evolution of Dexter and life after the series, among many other things. But one of the most surprising Dexter anecdotes to come from Pollak’s interview is a brief mention of a conversation that Hall had with Spacey at a party:

Well I saw Kevin Spacey at a party and he was sort of lobbying to be on ‘Dexter’ as a ‘Big Bad’. This was, I think, right before ‘House of Cards’ materialized… [then] that went away. That’s a real shot in the arm; that’s pretty cool, when somebody of that caliber is saying, ‘Yeah, that would be fun… to spend some time with you guys.’

We spoke to Spacey’s manager, who said that she was unaware of his interest in joining Dexter as a “Big Bad.” But she did say that that Spacey is a fan of Dexter – which means that Hall is likely correct in saying that Spacey being attached House of Cards prevented him from ever truly pursuing a role in the series. But still, imagine if he would have!

Ever since John Lithgow wowed audiences in Dexter season 4 as the Trinity Killer, which garnered him an Emmy and Golden Globe award, fans have been yearning for their favorite blood spatter analyst to face an antagonist as strong as Trinity. Even though it’s impossible to know whether or not Spacey would have filled a role eventually given to another actor of if he would have had something crafted especially for him, it’s safe to assume that Spacey, who shines in each and every performance he provides, would have given Lithgow a run for his money as the series’ fan-favorite nemesis.

But still, even without Spacey, Dexter has made good use of their “Big Bads” - which have, for the most part, put more weight on Dexter’s shoulders, forcing him to deal with the repercussions of his actions and the affects that his thirst for blood has on those around him. Because even though Dexter is technically a sociopath, it’s been his interest in exploring and understanding human relationships which has been put him in the position that he currently finds himself in.

This season, Charlotte Rampling joins the series as a nero-psychiatrist Evelyn Vogel, who specializes in child psychopaths, and Hall hinted in his interview with Pollak that she plays a part Dexter’s past, so it’s very likely that we’ll see Dexter’s origins explored more throughout its final run. But even so, when Dexter reaches its final moments, there’s only so many ways that it can end.

And if the Dexter season 8 promo image (below) is any hint at what’s to come, the Bay Harbor Butcher may ultimately find himself in quite a bit of trouble.


Dexter season 8 premieres Sunday, June 30 @9pm on Showtime

Source: The Kevin Pollak Chat Show

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