‘Dexter’ Reveals the Brain Surgeon, Vogel’s Secret Threat – Who Will Survive?

The familial theme in Dexter season 9 continues in this week’s episode, “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, in which the identity of the Brain Surgeon is finally revealed, bringing to light Evelyn Vogel’s darkest secret – a secret which she was unaware of until now. Will it be Dexter Morgan or Evelyn Vogel who survives the battle and is able to live happily ever after with the family they've always hoped for?

After 9  episodes of exploring many of Vogel’s former patients, it was finally revealed that Oliver Saxon who, as it turns out, is really Evelyn Vogel’s supposed-to-be-dead psychopath son, Daniel, is the Brain Surgeon. Unfortunately for Zach, he lost life to Daniel, but not before he was able to hide a DNA sample for Dexter to find, which helped him connect the Brain Surgeon to Vogel - which in turn allowed Daniel to finally reunite with his mother, albeit under the threat of death.

So now it’s all about family, at least for Dexter and Daniel. The two master serial killers – one birthed by Vogel, the other reared by her – are now at an impasse, as their desire to have a family will be pitted against their desire to kill. If both sides walked away right now, they would each have what they've always wanted and would be able to build a future. But Dexter simply cannot allow Daniel, an unruly killer, to walk free after the deaths of so many; and Daniel cannot allow Dexter, the child his mother chose over her own, to take him away from the experiencing the maternal relationship he now has.

Vogel, too, will have a decision to make, or at least a revelation to come to. Though she now has her son, Daniel, back, he will never be like Dexter. As Vogel told Dexter, it’s his ability and desire to feel emotions that prevents him from being “the perfect psychopath.”  Since it was by her “rules” through which Dexter was able to evolve and grow beyond his murderous desire – something that Daniel never received – she will never be able to have the same type of relationship that she now has with Dexter. But at the same time, she cannot allow her son to kill Dexter, her most successful case, who has a promising future ahead of him, either. What’s a mother to do, right?

At some point soon, Vogel will likely admit to herself that she’s unable to love her son, and she will have to face the repercussions of allowing Daniel back in her life. But will it be too late? Dexter is in love with Hannah and is looking to start a life with her, and the two are ready to pack up the family (minus the “other” kids, Cody and Astor) and move away. The only thing standing their way is Daniel, or Dexter, depending how you look at it.

Though Dexter has grown and evolved into something more than just a monster, he still has his rules that he must follow, which may very well be his downfall. When faced with the choice of creating a new life with his family or following Harry’s rules, which will he which will choose? If Dexter did allow Daniel to live, would he be able to live with himself? Debra, Quinn, Angel and even Masuka are now looking to move on to the next stage of their lives. If given the chance, will Dexter be able to do the same?


Dexter season 8 returns next Sunday with “Goodbye Miami” @9pm on Showtime. You can check out a preview of next week’s episode below:

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