'Dexter' Season 7 Teaser Trailer: 15 Seconds of Spoilers

We're less than a week away from an appearance by Dexter (and the Dark Passenger) at Comic-Con 2012 (check out the full Thursday schedule) and while new season seven details have been trickling out, Showtime has been holding-back on new footage. We've seen a number of sneak peek trailers for Dexter season seven but, in lieu of actual scenes, the videos simply depicted no-show footage (or disembodied audio).

Today, Showtime is rectifying those inequities by inundating fans with 43 new clips... mashed into a 15 second promo spot.

For anyone who is caught up on the show, Dexter season six ended with one of the most intense cliffhangers yet (aside from season four of course) and fans have waited patiently for a resolution. We've been told that the planned Comic-Con footage will showcase the first two minutes of season seven - revealing exactly what is in store for Dexter in the coming episodes.

However, a careful look at the the fast moving Sneak Peek teaser clearly depicts a number of hints as to how things play out in the short term - not to mention serves as a reminder of the larger arcs that are in place.

It goes without saying that the images and subsequent analysis of the Sneak Peek still frames will contain SPOILERS for anyone who is not caught up on Dexter season six - or wants to go into season seven with a blank slate. As a result, please proceed with caution!




Check out a few of the most intriguing images from the 15 second teaser trailer below (or head over to TV Line for the full collection):

[gallery columns="2"]

Few of the images are downright surprising - even if a couple of them do spell out the aftermath of the Doomsday Killer storyline.

However, the apparent flashbacks definitely hint at some cool backstory work, very likely from Deb's perspective, that detail a lot of the signs she might have ignored over the years - signs that could have helped her realize that Dexter wasn't exactly a model boy (i.e. he's a blood-addicted serial killer). Additionally, does the knife-wielding shadow that hovers over Deb belong to lab-geek turned want-to-be killer Louis? If so, it's likely that the character's obsession with the Ice Truck Killer extends far beyond his love for prosthetic hands.

Of course, we won't know for sure until Dexter premieres on Showtime this fall - or, if we're lucky, when the network finally releases a proper season seven trailer (fingers crossed for Comic-Con 2012).


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Dexter returns to Showtime on Sunday, September 30th at 9 PM.

Source: Showtime and TV Line

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