'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 9 Review - How Will it End?

Dexter Season 7 - Episode 9

Although the enemy of your enemy is supposed to be your friend, this week's episode of Dexter, "Helter Skelter", teams Dexter up with Isaac Sirko to take out two Hitmen threatening Sirko's life. But as the blood begins to flow, it's the sins of Dexter's past that prove to be the real threat. How much longer can Dexter keep his Dark Passenger a secret?

With Sirko out of jail and his right-hand man wanting him dead, Dexter becomes Isaac's only chance at survival. To help persuade his new "friend," Isaac uses Hannah to get the Dark Passenger to do his bidding. As the threat of death causes these two enemies to become friends, Sirko begins to help Dexter understand what's important in life, leading him to realize his true feelings for Hannah. Meanwhile, a criminal arsonist pops up in Miami, and LaGuerta, still investigating the Bay Harbor Butcher, finds a new ally - one with connections to Dexter's bloody origins.

It may not feel like it, but Dexter season 7 is three episodes away from being over. And while many fans may be wondering where all that time went - thanks to some storylines taking their time to develop - this week's episode certainly provides a worthy payoff for all that waiting. After (more than) a few episodes, Isaac Sirko, this year's so-called "Big Bad," finally receives some dedicated screen time, allowing the series to further explore the truly intriguing relationship he has with Dexter, revealing that they share more similarities than differences.

Ever since Sirko's first appearance on the series, he has never fallen into the expected traits one would see from a "Big Bad." Instead of having a taste for murder, continuously increasing his body count, Sirko's sole intent was to seek revenge for the death of his lover Viktor. Although Sirko never really felt like a true threat to Dexter's life, his inclusion in it has always been one of the most compelling elements of the season. While fans have already seen Dexter in love and Dexter revealing his secret, this is the first time we've seen Dexter have a compelling conversation of equals, killer to killer.

Just like Dexter, fans of the series have only been able to explore the elements of his Dark Passenger through the internal conversations Dexter has with himself (or Harry). Though viewers are able to see the entirety of what's occurring at any given time, the only chance we're able to further delve in to the mind of Dexter Morgan is when he allows it - which, up until now, hasn't been that often. When paired with Isaac, however, Dexter is able to communicate honestly with someone who has had many similar experiences and, because Isaac is the older of the two, Isaac is able to provide hope that happiness, albeit difficult in their line of "work," is achievable.

And this, essentially, will lead us into the close of season 7 and into the next, final season of the show. As Dexter slowly begins to understand who he is and what he wants, viewers might see Dexter evolve into someone he's happy with. Not because he's following Harry's rules, but because he's living his life surrounded by those he cares about - and those who care for him. Meanwhile, LaGuerta will continue to investigate the Bay Harbor Butcher, further putting Dexter's secret at risk of being revealed. But what about Hannah? Well, she may very well be the real "Big Bad" this season. Only time will tell.

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Dexter returns next Sunday with "The Dark... Whatever" @9pm on Showtime. You can check out a preview of next week's episode below:

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