'Dexter' Season 7: 'Buck the System' Recap - A Pretty Face or 'Big Bad'?

In this week's episode, 'Buck the System,' Dexter's battle with Louis reaches new heights, the Dark Passenger is justified, the 'Big Bad' takes a life, and Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) is introduced.

Dexter Season 7 - Buck the System

Under constant watch by Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), this week's episode of Dexter, "Buck The System", sees Dexter (Michael C. Hall) finally reaching his breaking point. As uncomfortable as his sister may be with his murderous desires, Dexter attempts to help Deb understand that, even though she wants to be there for him, attempting to control his Dark Passenger will only lead to bad things. Things Dexter, himself, cannot control.

Though Debra may not be thrilled with the idea of Dexter running around on his own, she agrees to give him the space he needs, allowing Dexter to pursue another potential target, Ray Speltzer, a graveyard grounds keeper who has just been released on parole for battery. Unfortunately for Speltzer, his ties to too many unsolved murders places him in the cross-hairs for the Dark Passenger's justice.

In an attempt to bring some order into his life, Dexter begins to slowly remove all of the unneeded stress, beginning in Louis (Josh Cooke). Louis and Dexter's battle has been slowly brewing over these past few episodes, and while shunning Louis' video game may have rubbed him the wrong way, Dexter needs to take care of him once and for all. Just not with murder.

Dexter, making use of the information he found in Louis' apartment, creates a two-step plan to completely remove his new nemesis from every aspect of his life. Step 1: By using the Ice Truck Killer's stolen prosthetic, Dexter sets Louis up as the one who stole the hand, prompting Masuka (C.S. Lee) to fire him on the spot. Step 2: Moving a little closer to home, Dexter makes sure that any romantic relationship Louis had with Batista's younger sister, Jamie (Aimee Garcia), is ruined by sending her the tape of Louis sleeping with a prostitute – while they were together.

Perhaps a little harsh for someone who wishes to remain in the background, Dexter has, however, been pushed to the limits recently, so establishing some semblance of order is a must for him and his Dark Passenger, no matter how drastic the results of his actions may be. Even so, this time Dexter may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Dexter Season 7 - Buck the System

As Miami Metro continues to investigate a co-worker's shooting, it brings them closer to this season's "Big Bad", Isaak Sirko (Ray Stevenson), whose interest and involvement is finally revealed. Sirko heads up a highly profitable drug ring, making use of GPS to keep track of their shipments. Sirko, continuing to search for Basko, believes that his drug ring is in danger of being revealed. Unfortunately for Dexter, murdering Basko in the season 6 premiere means that his maritime hideaway is the last location listed on Basko's GPS.

After Sirko arrives at the docks, he begins to follow the GPS to locate the boat used in disposing of Basko's body. Upon approaching Dexter's boat, Sirko finds Louis there, attempting to sink the vessel by drilling holes in it. Louis, not knowing how dangerous Sirko is, says that he is the owner of the boat, which causes Sirko to threaten Louis with a drill to the head. Not wanting to die, Louis tells them about the real owner of the boat, Dexter Morgan. As Louis goes to leave, Sirko shoots and kills Louis, bringing an end to Dexter's nemesis.

Elsewhere, Dexter continues to investigate Speltzer, this time bringing Debra in on his actions, allowing her to see how his Dark Passenger can still provide justice, even if it's not within the law. Debra, rejecting her brother's philosophy, continues to pursue the case of Wayne Randall, the death row inmate who killed himself last episode. Randall's mother went to Miami Metro following his son's death, returning the trophies he had taken from his victims. To the surprise of everyone, Randall had more trophies than confirmed bodies, leading everyone to believe that more victims may be out there.

Dexter Season 7 - Buck the System

In an attempt to track down these additional bodies, Debra sends Dexter and Batista (David Zayas) out to pay a visit to Randall's former lover, Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski). Hannah, now completely disassociated with Randall, isn't too interested in bringing up the past; however, a DNA sample is needed, even if she doesn't know about other victims. Like Randall, McKay is a unique individual in Dexter's eyes, as not many people have killed – or have loved a killer. Proving to be equally as alluring as she is intriguing, Dexter stumbles while in her presence, dropping the cotton swab as he attempts to collect DNA from her mouth.

Returning to Dexter's investigation (and hopeful murder) of Speltzer, Debra took time to consider the information Dexter presented her with. Instead of allowing her brother to release his Dark Passenger, Debra goes to LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) for advice. Though LaGuerta wasn't as helpful as Debra had hoped, questioning the Speltzer case did allow her to see things from her brother's prospective. "If you knew there was a murderer out there, and you could do something to stop him before he killed again, could you let it go?"

As the evidence that Speltzer will kill again grows, both Dexter and Deb follow their own paths of justice to bring him down. Unfortunately for Debra, the law doesn't provide as many opportunities for justice as Dexter's Dark Passenger. Debra, continuing to follow her brother's leads, finds herself at Speltzer's place in the midst of one of his ritual kills. With a dangerous obstacle course set up for his victims, Debra is mere moments away from death. Fortunately, Dexter, hearing Debra's voicemail about heading to the house, comes to her rescue - though Speltzer manages to escape.

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Dexter season 7 continues next Sunday with "Run" @9pm on Showtime. Check out a preview for the episode below:


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