'Dexter' Season 7, Episode 11 Review - Did Hannah Do It?

Dexter Season 7, Episode 11

In this week's episode of Dexter, "Do You See What I See", relationships are ruined, lies are told and secrets are almost revealed. Now that Dexter is against the world, can his few remaining relationships protect him from going to jail?

With Dexter still at the center of the Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, Deb is forced to plant evidence to clear her brother's name. But when a witness from Hannah's past appears, connecting her to a previous murder, Deb becomes a victim of poisoning, forcing Dexter to make an important decision about the future of his relationship with Hannah. Meanwhile, the man behind the death of Laura Moser is released from prison, and Dexter risks it all to seek vengeance for the death of his mother.

After a few weeks of so-called happiness, the unhealthy relationships Dexter has created are beginning to turn on themselves, forcing Dexter to make dangerous decisions about who to trust and who to give up, all the while attempting to prevent his own capture – by any means necessary. Although Isaac Sirko once told Dexter that happiness, though difficult, is achievable for their "type" of being (killers), he was never able to explain the challenges that one must face in order to become completely happy, or the challenges it puts on the relationships you hold dear. And that is, essentially, what Dexter is facing right now.

After letting go of his need to hide, largely revealing his secret to anyone who will listen, Dexter received his first real taste of human acceptance. Instead of secretly hunting on his own terms, Dexter was finally able to move freely within his life, relying on "those who know" to help maintain some sense of normality in his world of chaos and murder. And even though it has, up until this point, been a relief to him, the difficulty of maintaining those relationships could, if Dexter isn't careful, lead to his capture and arrest – or worse, the death of someone he loves.

Ever since Debra stumbled upon Dexter's secret in the season 7 premiere, Dexter has been experiencing a type of complete acceptance he never thought could exist for him and his sister. In an attempt to explore (and expand) that experience further, he attempts to wholeheartedly take on a romantic relations with Hannah as well as a so-called "friendship" with Isaac. As this past season has shown, not all relationships – or those within them – can handle the weight of a murderous revelation.

Dexter Season 7 - Hannah

Additionally, now that Dexter has been looking to establish more honest relationships with those who know his secret, the repercussions of his dark dealings are proving too difficult to control. What initially started out as a sisterly reveal of Dexter's true side has now become, if anything, a time-bomb waiting to explode or implode – either way, they're equally as dangerous for everyone involved, including Dexter. Now that Isaac has already been killed off, the only two people left with knowledge of Dexter's true life are Debra, his police officer sister, and Hannah, his murderous girlfriend.

While disagreements between family and significant others is likely to occur, Dexter is experiencing it to a greater, more dangerous, degree. As Debra continues to keep her brother out of jail, Dexter's want of having a "real" relationship with Hannah has created enemies between her and Debra, with only Dexter standing between the two, having to decide who to trust. Although Dexter knows the type of person he truly his, having to equate that to someone else's need to kill is impossible, thus making it difficult for Dexter to trust Hannah, even if she is telling the truth.

Even though Debra wants to see her brother happy, she's unable to look beyond any other murderous tendency to find acceptance, so Hannah's killings, even if they have sparse, will never be understood by the sister of one of Miami's most dangerous killers. Additionally, Dexter will never be able to trust someone who poisons so easily, without warning. Is Debra's love enough to keep Dexter happy?

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Dexter returns next Sunday with "Surprise, Motherf**ker" @9pm on Showtime. You can check a preview of next week's episode below:


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