Showtime to Renew 'Dexter' for Season 6

Dexter Morgan and company will be committing another year to Showtime. After a mild reception for the 5th season, recent episodes of Dexter have seen increased viewership, perhaps due to fans remembering the shocking finale of the 4th season and hoping for an equally compelling conclusion to season 5, which wraps next Sunday, December 12th.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the season finale is likely to set a new viewership record for Showtime. Even so, a repeat of the show's two-season renewal in 2008 is less likely due to renegotiation stipulations for actors and crew - but while Dexter season 7 may be out, it looks like we'll at least get Dexter season 6 to wrap up all the loose ends.


*Dexter Season 1-5 SPOILERS BELOW!!!*


Season 5 represented the biggest shift yet for the normally stable Dexter storyline. Massive changes in character dynamic can spell death for a series, but the writers seemed to have pulled of an impressive set of twists and changes without alienating dedicated viewers.

While Michael C. Hall's character has been getting more and more invested in his family and newborn son, he's never lost sight of the murderous compulsion that drives the series (not for long, anyway.) With Rita's (Julie Benz) murder at the hands of Dexter's adversary, his step-children leaving for most of the season and the Miami P.D. closing in on his alias, Kyle Butler, the last year has been perhaps the most tense and suspenseful yet for serial killer aficionados.

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For the last three years, Dexter has continiously added well-known guest stars to keep interest in the series piqued: season 3 saw Jimmy Smits (The West Wing, Outlaw) and season 4 added John Lithgow (3rd Rock From the Sun) in the most demented role yet for the darkly wonderful series.

After  the show killed off key female characters last year, Julia Stiles (the Bourne trilogy) was brought on to round-out the cast as a love interest/headache for Dexter. Stiles has been met with mixed reaction from longtime fans, but if the latest ratings are any indication, she hasn't dissuaded them from watching. If the pattern holds, her character, Lumen, will probably be gone (dead?) by season 6 - not unlike Jaime Murray's temptress character Lila in season 2. For a show that split with its literary source material years ago, writers and producers have done an impressive job of keeping fans interested with original drama.

Are you still interested in Dexter's murderous vigilantism? Will you be watching season 6? What actor or actress would you like to see join the cast next season? If season 6 is Dexter's last run, how should the show reach its conclusion? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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