'Dexter' Season 6 Trailer Promises A Return To 'Normal'

Dexter Season 9 Still Possible

Even though we’re still four months away from the premiere of Dexter season 6, Showtime has released a promise-filled teaser trailer for the upcoming season.

With a single shot of Dexter transforming into his “Dark Passenger,” the accompanying commentary serves to set the tone for what fans can expect from the next season of Showtime’s hit series. With promises of a renewed, recharged and refocused Dexter, the duality of its meaning certainly speaks to not only the character’s emotional state, but also that of the series as a whole.

Since Dexter season 5 received a relatively lukewarm response from its many fans, the reassurance that things are returning to “normal” will certainly pique the interest of those looking for Dexter to once again highlight many of the original elements that first drew them to them to the series in the first place.

While it has been announced that Colin Hanks, Mos Def and Edward James Olmos will be guest staring in Dexter season 6, everything else regarding this season is staying relatively under wraps. What do know at this time is that there will be a time jump between the Dexter season 5 finale, and the premiere of season 6. As fans will remember, Dexter’s son Harrison was celebrating his first birthday party as the fifth season was coming to a close.

You can view the Dexter season 6 teaser trailer below:

When the sixth season premieres, Harrison will now be in school – whether it will be preschool or kindergarten is still unknown. Considering the popular television time jump - especially to this extent - is often seen as a “Hail Mary” type move to proverbially reset the series and its characters after a poorly developed previous season, one can only assume the Dexter producers are appropriately trying to distance themselves from last season’s “interesting” plot progression.

While nothing has been said regarding the possible return of everyone’s “favorite” helpless psycho, Lumen (Julia Stiles), let’s just hope the time jump that season 6 brings will find her happy - and permanently back in Minnesota.


Dexter season 6 will premiere this fall on Showtime

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