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Dexter Morgan is set to return for season 6 of the his Showtime series, as usual, in the fall - with production scheduled to begin at the end of the month.

While we've seen Dexter (the character and the show) go through a lot of changes over the years - Showtime wants to remind viewers that the empathetic serial killer is still miles away from becoming a normal family man. To that end, the network has released a new season 6 teaser video for the upcoming season.

The season 6 teaser contains mild spoilers for Dexter seasons 1-5 and recounts the character's journey thus far - from a simpler time, merely solving crimes by day at Miami Metro (and dispatching fell0w serial killers by night) to stepping into the role of dutiful suburban family man (and dispatching fellow serial killers by night).

Interestingly enough, the season 6 teaser does not cover the events of the most recent season - either because it didn't add as much to the overarching drama or, more likely, because Showtime doesn't want to spoil the season for anyone who is planning on catching it on DVD/Blu-ray.

Check out the Dexter season 6 teaser promo below:


It goes without saying that the rest of this post will contain MAJOR Spoilers for Dexter seasons 1-5, so if you're still getting caught-up on the show - enjoy another peek at the teaser and then read on at your own risk.


Considering that next season is supposed to be a "return to Dexter's roots," the teaser trailer does a good job of reminding fans of the set-ups in prior seasons (The Bay Harbor Butcher investigation, Miguel Prado's impulsive killing spree, and the Trinity Killer killer fallout) - without offering-up any finite conclusions for anyone who hasn't been watching.

It's certainly interesting to see the network highlight the ever-suspicious Doakes - since, following his untimely demise in season 2, Showtime seems poised to replace him with a nearly identical character in the form of season 6 homicide detective Chicago Mike.

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall Dexter Showtime

Given that season 5 came-across as more of a buffer, following the earth-shattering season 4 finale, it's safe to say that the new season will need to be a little more inventive - and take a few more risks. Many fans felt as if season 5 was finally going to see Deb uncover Dexter's double-life - but were let down with a somewhat anti-climatic non-faceoff between the two in the final episode.

Hopefully the featured teaser tagline "all Hell breaks loose" delivers on that promise and audiences are treated to some tense but satisfying character developments.

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Dexter season 6 is expected to premier this fall on Showtime.

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