Deadwood's Molly Parker Cast For 'Dexter' Season 6 Arc

molly parker deadwood dexter season 6

The sixth season of Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter is in production at the moment, and casting for yet another critical character has been revealed. Molly Parker will play Lisa Marshall, sister to Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks).

Little is known about Hanks' character, leading to speculation that he may be a villain (in so much as you can have villains for a serial killer). We do know that Hanks will appear in every episode, but the extent of Parker's involvement is still in question. Given her late casting, she may only appear in 2-4 episodes.

Molly Parker, who turns 39 next week, is best known for her role as New York aristocrat Alma Garret on HBO's Deadwood. Like many Dexter regulars, she's featured in a slew of independent movies, with a few more notable releases like Hollywoodland and The Wicker Man in 2006. She starred in the short-lived CBS drama Swingtown in 2008, and had a small role in The Road a year later.

Considering that the Travis Marshall character will appear in every episode and now has at least one supporting character to flesh him out, it's reasonable to assume that Hanks will play either a major antagonist or a new compatriot (or both) to Michal C. Hall's Dexter.

Previously Showtime president David Nevins stated that there wouldn't be a "big bad" for Season 6, but that may simply mean that the focus will be on established characters and their relationships, like the ever-complicated dynamic between Deb and Dexter. Last year focused more on Dexter's development as a single father and Deb's gradual shift towards Dexter's vigilante mindset - though the character still doesn't know the truth about her adoptive brother.

Initial filming for Season 6 started in May and is likely still going on. Previous guest star announced include rapper Mos Def, Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos and Brea Grant of Heroes. Showtime has scheduled Dexter's return as a vague "Fall" slot, just like every year before. Based on the show's history, expect a late September or early October premiere.


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