Colin Hanks Joins ‘Dexter’ Season 6

Dexter Morgan’s killing spree may now include the son of a Hollywood icon. Colin Hanks has reportedly signed on for a major recurring role in Dexter season 6.

Specific details about the role Hanks has been handed are scarce, and the network is certainly not offering any clues. What we do know is that Hanks may not be playing one of the three new principle characters the network released details on at the beginning of the month. This information would seem to directly contradict recent comments from Showtime president David Nevins, which had us believing season 6 of Dexter would be without a singular villain for the titular anti-hero to face. Now, with news of Hanks’ casting, theories have, of course, begun to run wild that the actor will be the big bad guy.

Though he’s had his fair share of roles in feature films like Orange County, King Kong and The House Bunny, Hanks has made more of a name for himself on the small screen. Roles in Mad Men, Numb3rs and the short-lived action-comedy The Good Guys have kept Hanks’ name fresh in the minds of viewers. The actor’s upcoming role on Dexter could give us a glimpse at a darker side heretofore unseen, and help take his career down a different path.

As detailed in the teaser trailer released earlier this week, Dexter has faced many an adversary who, at first glance, did not seem to pose much of a threat. From Rudy Cooper (Christian Camargo), the Ice Truck Killer to John Lithgow’s 2010 Golden Globe-winning role as Arthur Mitchell (or Trinity), Dexter has frequently turned the meek into the menacing. Adding the unassuming and mild-mannered Hanks as a potential foe would appear to be in line with the casting choices the series has made thus far.

Michael C. Hall Dexter Morgan Showtime season 6

Showtime has certainly placed a great deal of attention on their highly rated program recently, so expect the inclusion of Hanks to quickly become part of the promotion.Unlike the decidedly lukewarm reception guest stars Shawn Hatosy (Boyd Fowler), Julia Stiles (Lumen Pierce) and Johnny Lee Miller (Jordan Chase) brought last season, the inclusion of Hanks feels more akin to the roles played by Lithgow and Jimmy Smits.

With any luck, a slow reveal of Hanks’ character will aid in making season 6 the kind of suspenseful roller coaster many felt season 5 was unable to deliver.

Look for Dexter season 6 to air on Showtime this fall.

Source: TV Line

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