Dexter Season 6 Casting Details

dexter season 6 casting details

Dexter season 5 finished its run back in early December and since that time we've heard very little in the way of season 6 talk. However, with production set to begin later this month, in time for the series' usual September premiere time-frame, there's no doubt that we'll be hearing plenty of Dexter-related production buzz in the coming months.

Today, we've got early details regarding three new characters that will appear in the upcoming season of Dexter.

It goes without saying that if you've yet to see Dexter season 5 and/or are avoiding any details regarding season 6, this article will contain major season 5 (and earlier) spoilers as well as mild season 6 character information. Read on at your own risk.


With a new producer, in the form of Dexter-alum Scott Buck, not to mention season 5 characters Jordan Chase, Stan Liddy, and Lumen Ann Pierce either dead or unlikely to return, respectively - it's no surprise to hear that the Dexter writers wanted to fill in some gaps.

Check out the Dexter season 6 casting call below (courtesy of TVLine):

  • Jamie: Described as an outgoing and fun Latina in her mid-20s, this Florida native relocates to Miami for grad school.
  • Chicago Mike: New thirtysomething African-American homicide detective who possesses a finely turned BS detector. The Windy City native does not play well with Dexter others.
  • Louis: A buddy of Masuka’s (C.S. Lee) who joins MMP as a new lab intern. Role calls for a Caucasian actor in his 30s who is “attractive in his own way."

While there have yet to be any names attached to the aforementioned call-sheet, it's still interesting to speculate about how the new characters will fit into the larger season 6 plot. Last season was entertaining but fell short of the incredible buzz surrounding the emotional and intense, not to mention critically acclaimed, season 4 - which featured John Lithgow's Trinity Killer and the subsequent death of Dexter's wife Rita (portrayed by Julie Benz). As a result, season 5 offered audiences a little breathing room - resisting the temptation to bring in a new longterm love interest for Dexter or a killer that was actually capable of taking out any principle characters.

"Dexter" Season 5 Finale: Dexter Tied Up

It'll be interesting to see where the various characters fit-in but, notably, it's hard to overlook the similarities between Chicago Mike and Sgt. James Doakes - who left the show far too soon in season 2. Too bad they can't just bring back Erik King. Could Dexter end-up training Jamie in the art of serial killing? Will Chicago Mike take over the roll of suspicious colleague (previously held by Doakes and then Quinn)? Could Louis take over as the new Miami Metro lab geek - after Masuka is brutally killed in the season 6 premier (relax: speculation only)?

As for who might be the next "Big Bad," for the time being, there's no way of knowing whether or not Jamie is an aspiring lady serial murderer, Chicago Mike is a vigilante serial killer (like Dexter), or Louis uses the Miami Metro lab to cover up his own grizzly crimes, but we'll probably have a better idea when the actual casting itself is complete. That said, who would have thought John Lithgow's Trinity Killer would have been so disturbing?

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Dexter season 6 is expected to premier this fall on Showtime.

Source: TVLine

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