Killer 'Dexter' Season 5 Trailer

Dexter season 5 first trailer

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Warning: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for those not caught up with seasons 1-4 of Dexter

Fans of Showtime's serial killer drama Dexter are likely still recovering from the shock of the jaw-dropping season 4 finale. While Dexter was "carrying out his duty" with the sly Trinity Killer (played John Lithgow, for which he won a Golden Globe), little did he know Trinity was still one step ahead of him.

Where do you go after the aforementioned tragic events? Well, from the look of the first trailer for season 5, Dexter is going to have a whole lot more to deal with than just guilt and emotional trauma.

Fans have been waiting with baited breath, ever since the season 4 finale last December, to see what happens next - and it doesn't look as if the show is going to let anyone down.

Dexter does a good job of threading hints into the current season - as to where the show is going in the next season.

Before I say anymore, take a look at the exciting Dexter Season 5 trailer below, which premiered at this year's Comic Con:

This season, the drama will focus on the fallout surrounding Dexter pretending to be a man named Kyle Butler (in season 4) - in order to get close to the Trinity Killer and his family. Now Dexter will have to deal with people, including Trinity's "bereaved" family, who are asking questions about this "Kyle Butler" person - and why he was snooping around.

Most prominent, is the fact that Dexter's wife was brutally murdered. Now, he must deal with, not only being a single parent to three kids, but the anger and animosity of his step daughter who blames him for her mother's death.

Finally, Dexter has also drawn suspicion from his colleague, Joey Quinn (Desmond Harrington), who forces Deb to take a look at her brother - in a way she's never even thought of before. Will this season spell the end for Dexter Morgan? Either an end to his killing ways or his life itself? My gut instinct is to say Dexter will wiggle his way out of the mess - and we'll get one more season after this before things wrap up for good.

Dexter season 5 promo trailer

Of course that's pure guesswork on my part - even after viewing the two-and-a-half minute trailer, we still don't know exactly what's going to happen in season 5 of the show (despite hints from series producer, Sara Colleton). Whatever happens I'm sure it'll be as good as ever - since the show hasn't really dipped in quality (in my opinion). How many other shows can you really say that about?

Dexter Season 5 will also feature the addition of some new faces including Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum), Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone), Peter Weller (RoboCop), Shawn Hatosy (Southland), and Maria Doyle Kennedy (The Tudors). Fresh blood is always a welcome way to shake things up a bit - especially for a show about a serial killer masquerading as a blood splatter analyst.

Be sure to tune in for the season 5 premiere of Dexter on September 26th on Showtime. It sure looks like America's favorite serial killer has more on his plate to deal with than ever!

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