New Life-Shattering 'Dexter' Season 5 Promo

Dexter season 5 promo trailer

[Update: Be Sure To Check out our Dexter Season 5 Premiere Review!]

As we get closer to the highly anticipated Dexter season 5 premiere on September 26th, we're getting more and more info to satisfy our Dexter craving - with new promos and new actors joining the cast.

We got our first real look at season 5 with the trailer that was shown at Comic-Con. The Comic-Con trailer was more of an extended promo - giving away numerous plot elements for this early stage (spoiler avoiders beware). However, this latest promo (which was shown on Showtime last night during Weeds and The Big C) is more of a teaser, holding a little bit more back - only hinting at what we can expect.

Many or our favorite supporting performers are scheduled to return: Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter's sister, Debra), Lauren Valez (Lt. Laguerta), and David Zayas (Angel Batista).

However, the new faces we can look forward to seeing include Julia Stiles (The Bourne Ultimatum), Peter Weller (RoboCop), Johnny Lee Miller (Eli Stone) and Chris Vance (Prison Break) - the latter joining the cast earlier today.

With the exception of the use of "Lux Aeterna" which has been used a billion times in other trailers, the promo is unusual, visually striking and very memorable. Take a look:

[Dexter spoilers ahead!]

Season 5 sees Dexter even more lost and out of control than ever before. Not only does he have the emotional shock of Rita's murder to get over - but now he's being looked at with suspicious eyes for the first real time since season 2 when Sergeant Doakes (remember him?) was convinced Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher.

Oh, and let's not forget Dexter has three kids (one biological son as well as a step-son and daughter) to take care of - all the while trying to both satisfy and control his inherent need to kill people.

Dexter Season 5 Promo

Dexter certainly has a lot on his plate to take care of, but as he says in the above promo - he's a neat monster who's always been good at picking up the pieces whenever there's a mess in his life. Will Dexter live to kill another day? My gut instinct is to say yes - but at this point the show has yet to be renewed for a sixth season. Perhaps this will be Dexter's last go-around... What do you think?

On a side but related note, the Emmys are close to rolling around again and Dexter is nominated for multiple awards including two of the biggest - Best Drama and Best Lead Actor for Michael C. Hall.

Dexter season 5 new promo

Personally I'm rooting for Lost to win in both categories (Matthew Fox is nominated for Lead Actor) but part of me wants Hall to get it - as this is his third consecutive nomination and it's a crying shame he's yet to win one. Hall gives a wonderful performance as Dexter Morgan season after season. He makes a serial killer genuinely likable for crying out loud - what more do you need? :P

In case you missed it, make sure to check out our infographic on the serial killers Dexter could take pointers from.

You can catch the Dexter season 5 premiere on September 26th on Showtime.

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