Dexter Season 4 Premiere Review & Discussion

One of the nice little surprises of the episode was the return (much to the surprise of Deb) of Special Agent Frank Lundy (Keith Carradine), who's now retired but is in town investigating (on his own time) the allusive "Trinity Killer." Although it's never explicitly stated, we can gather that this is Lithgow's killer that we saw at the start and towards the end of the episode. With regards to the latter, we had another chilling scene which showed Lithgow's killer in a shower with the heat turned WAY up, as he looks up and screams. Creepy stuff and excellently played out (without barely uttering two words) by Lithgow.

As a whole I am glad to say that Dexter season 4 so far has continued with the quality of the first three seasons, thankfully not degrading over time as happens with a lot of shows (*cough* Heroes! *cough*). Although it was the first episode of the season and thus still "getting into the groove," as they say, there's already plenty of stuff to chew on: from Dexter trying to balance his family, work and killing life, to supporting character dilemmas like Deb dealing with Lundy's return and, of course, the introduction of, "The Trinity Killer."

And like most great shows, the episode ended with a WHOPPER of a cliffhanger: Dexter, after rushing his kill to get the medicine for his baby and get home in time, crashed his car because of how tired he was. We assume he got rid of his victim's body parts, so at least Dexter doesn't have to fret when someone comes to help him after his crash (what an awkward thing to explain...). Of course, there's no doubt our favorite serial killer will be fine, but it certainly gets your attention and makes you want to tune in next time.

What did YOU think of the Dexter's season 4 premiere? Do you think the quality has been kept as high as the first three seasons? Tell us your thoughts and opinions on the episode below.

Episode 2 of Dexter Season 4, entitled "Remains to be Seen," airs on Showtime on October 4th (this Sunday) @ 9pm.

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