Dexter: Season 4 Finale Preview

Following Sunday’s episode of Dexter, I almost ran to the computer to type up a “Review & Discussion” piece because the final moments were so intense and exciting that John Lithgow and Michael C. Hall have guaranteed themselves an Emmy nomination next year. Forget Luke & Laura, we’ve got Dexter Morgan & The Trinity Killer. With the season finale less than a week away, place your bets because next week brings with it the ultimate serial killer showdown.

While Showtime is being extremely tight-lipped about what to expect in the season finale, I’ve gathered everything I could find regarding the season finale. I even watched an hour-long live chat with Dexter executive producer Clyde Phillips, hosted by a horrible “zoo-crew,” in an attempt to find new information. While Phillips had some extremely interesting tales, the horrible hosts were so annoying that they had me wishing Dexter would pay me a visit and add me to his collection of slides.

What we know is that next week's episode is entitled, “The Getaway,” and while you can take what you will from that title, the official description is as follows:

As the noose tightens, Arthur warns Dexter to back off. But Dexter will do anything to stop Trinity from eluding him, even if that means putting himself on the wrong side of the law. Rita acknowledges the rocky relationship she and Dexter share, but reaffirms her support. Batista and LaGuerta face the consequences of their actions. Debra unearths a deeply-hidden truth, but not one she expected to find. And ultimately, Dexter and Arthur find themselves on a collision course, leading them to a confrontation that will change their lives forever.

Besides the episode name and description, not much is known about the season finale. You’re not going to find any spoilers for this one. Phillips has said that “there are very few people that know what happens,” but promises that “it will blow the top of your head off” as “it's the best episode we've ever done.”

Usually I’m not one to believe hype from those so close to a show (it’s not like they’re going to say it sucks), but this season of Dexter has been so amazing that I doubt it’s going to go downhill in the last episode.

Still, you’re here for a preview, so I’ll listen to Mr. T, “Stop with the jibba jabba!” and get to the promo clip, along with a sneak peek at a pivotal scene from next week's episode. (I know the preview images from the videos are identical, but I promise you that they're different.)

The Getaway – Promo

The Getaway – Deb Discovers Laura Moser

How great was that? Sunday can not come fast enough. As we did with the Criminal Minds 100th episode and the Monk series finale, you can expect to find a “Review & Discussion” panel here at Screen Rant come Sunday night. Although, I have a feeling that you won’t want to wait until I finish writing the review to talk about all that transpires, so I’ll throw it up earlier and add my review later. Stay tuned.

Dexter Trinity Killer John Lithgow

Dexter Morgan vs Arthur Mitchell

What do you think about this season so far? Are you as excited as I am? How do you think it’s all going to end?

Catch the season finale of Dexter next Sunday @9pm on Showtime.

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