10 Hilarious Dexter Memes Only True Fans Understand

Fans of TV drama Dexter tend to get a bad rap because they enjoyed watching a man kill other people for years, with the main character’s motivations not being benevolent in nature, but just because he liked killing. 

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Making this fanbase even weirder is the fact that they tend to find certain dark material comical, which was something the show deviated toward to present us with black comedy. Since this is a niche fanbase rather than completely mainstream, memes are hard to come by. Fear not, because we’ve brought 10 of the best memes from Dexter that every fan is sure to enjoy.

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10 How Does That Work?

Come to think of it, we’ve never seen Dexter clean shaved during the course of the series. The funny thing is that the intro always featured Dexter waking up and shaving. Within the show, though, it didn’t seem as if Dexter was aware of what the effects of shaving cream were. 

His trademark look consisted of keeping a stubble at all times, which seems to negate the point of showing him shaving at the start of every episode. Or is it that being a killer demands the character to have some facial hair even though that should be impossible?

9 That Silver Lining

No-one wanted Dexter to have a happy ending; the guy was responsible for the deaths of over a hundred people, so having him walk away without consequences wouldn’t have been a good end. However, the ending we got also wasn’t what we’d term as being good either.

Dexter viewers might just seethe over the finale till the end of their days, or unless the show returns for another season to right those wrongs. For the time being, though, it seems anything that you might think is bad pales in comparison to the ending of Dexter.

8 Not Exactly Father Of The Year

There have been quite a few unresolved storylines we still want answers for, and the issue of Hannah and Harrison is one that still confounds us. After all, what was the point of Dexter’s character development if the ending was something that didn’t have anything to do with the previously established ground?

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Dexter basically ditched his son with a strange woman, seeing as Hannah only had a casual liking toward Harrison rather than be his mother - oh, and there’s the fact that Hannah was a freaking serial killer herself.

7 Wrong Time, Sis

There were some great seasons we had of Dexter, and some that weren’t all that great; Season 6 falls in the latter portion. The season wasn’t all that bad, but the finale didn’t do much for us. 

Here, Dexter finally got his hands on the Doomsday Killer and proceeded to take his life ironically in a church. All was going peachy until Debra walked in, witnessing Dexter as the killer he really was. The execution of this scene wasn’t well-received, since it made Dexter come across like a total novice who didn’t realize he was easy to spot.

6 Was It Fate?

Dexter and his brother’s futures were sealed due to them witnessing the murder of their own mother, leading to both boys developing a need to kill. This wasn’t a bad association for the character to make, and it gave him a unique characterization to justify his killing.

Since fans hated the finale, they’ve made an association of their own, which is that Dexter didn’t actually develop a need to kill humans, but that he wanted to cut up trees instead. That makes sense too, though, considering trees are living things as well. So, does becoming a lumberjack count as being a serial killer too?

5 Hard Luck

It’s easy to come across as a jerk within any show, and this applies to series from any genre, but Mike surprisingly didn’t have jerk-ish moments on Dexter, which would have mattered had he not been killed off right at the start of Season 7. 

The guy was just starting to come into his own on the show, and it seemed as if he had a permanent place to call home within the series, only for Mike to be violently killed before we even realized what was happening. So long, Mike, we hardly knew you.

4 Killer Of Kings

There was a time where easily the most hated character on all television was King Joffrey from Game of Thrones, whom even non-fans despised because of his very punchable face. Game of Thrones fans desperately wanted this guy dead, even if it meant going to impossible lengths.

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As seen in this meme, fans wanted Dexter to transition over to Westeros and get his hands on Joffrey. The king definitely fit Dexter’s criteria, so you can bet that Dexter would have made the guy his first target had he really moved in next door.

3 It Doesn't Matter

Once Dexter wanted someone dead, you could be certain that person would be shown lying on a slab near him eventually at some point. And for a guy who was always so monotone, Dexter only became animated once he was about to kill someone. 

When that point came, whoever Dexter had lying before him would revert to making excuses and begging him to let them go. But almost 100% of the time all those cries for mercy were invalid, as Dexter only played with his prey by letting them talk before finally putting an end to their lives.

2 Can't Argue With That

Batman is known as the scariest superhero out there, as he uses fear as his weapon without having to sink to criminal lengths and kill people himself. His reasoning to do so is because killing someone only makes a killer out of the one who started out with good intentions.

Or you could just look at it through Dexter’s point of view and be absolved of any guilt, seeing as Dexter’s argument does make sense in a twisted way. The more bad guys he killed, the less there were out there to harm others. In this way, Dexter was a better superhero than Batman himself.

1 Famous Friends

Had Hannibal Lecter existed within Dexter’s continuity, then you could be certain that Dexter would have gone to great lengths to kill the man. A crazy killer who eats people would have been target no. 1 on Dexter Morgan’s radar, but one wonders if Hannibal Lecter would’ve held it against Dexter. 

Hannibal was a character who tended to have respect for those people with a moral agenda; with Dexter wanting to take Hannibal out to prevent him from hurting others, perhaps Hannibal would have grown to be fond of him. In any case, this is a crossover to end all crossovers, and one has to wonder which one of the two would’ve come out on top.

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