Dexter: 10 Hidden Details About The Main Characters Everyone Missed

A show with one of the most unique premises, Dexter has long been a fan-favorite series. To this day it is still popular to binge through on various streaming platforms. What helps make Dexter such a great show is not only the exciting stories but also the great characters.

Throughout the show's eight seasons are many hidden details about each of the many main characters. Dexter is not the only person with something to hide. Upon further inspection, there are many interesting tidbits, facts, and even secrets to learn about every character on Dexter. Here are ten hidden details about the main characters of Dexter everyone missed.

10 Animals Don't Like Dexter

the show, there are several different occasions of which Dexter meets animals. Although he meets them due to a variety of different circumstances, their impression of Dexter is always the same.

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Animals in the series hate Dexter. Perhaps this is because they sense his dark, murderous, animalistic nature. Animals are said to be able to sense supernatural presences. Perhaps the Dark Passenger actually is a spiritual, conscious entity like it was in the books.

9 Harry Is Dexter's "Good" Side

James Remar as Harry Morgan on Dexter

Although Harry Morgan died before the events of the first season, he appears throughout the series. Instead of the real Harry, we get to see Harry Morgan as a vision seen by Dexter. He serves as Dexter's subconscious so that the serial killer has someone to talk to when tackling tough situations.

Not only is Harry a representation of Dexter's subconsciousness, but he also represents the protagonist's better nature. Since Harry was the one who tried to teach Dexter a moral code as best he could, its only fitting that Dexter's representation of his moral self is in the form of his adoptive father.

8 Lumen's Name

Lumen holds a very unique space in Dexter's history. Not only is she one of his only love interests, but Lumen is also one of Dexter's few proteges. During the one season that she appears on the show, Dexter teaches her everything he can in order to help her get revenge.

"Lumen" is the Latin word for brightness. Her positive influence on Dexter throughout their time together is much needed for him. Her name helps represent the shining light that Lumen is in Dexter's life.

7 Archenemy

Over the course of the show, Dexter faces off against many incredibly dangerous antagonists. Many of them serial killers; some of them skilled investigators. One of the most popular of these antagonists is Dexter's coworker Doakes.

Doakes saw through Dexter's facade from the first episode, and Dexter knew it. He was the only character throughout the entire show that Dexter referred to as his archenemy. That's saying a lot, especially considering how impactful the Trinity Killer was on Dexter's life.

6 "Socio"

Angel Batista is one of the more light-hearted characters throughout this morbid series, and this is best represented in his actions as well as his words. Unknowingly even to Batista, one of these seemingly lighthearted words he uses has extremely dark connotations.

Angel often refers to Dexter as "socio," which in Spanish means "partner." Fittingly enough, it is also the beginning of the word sociopath, of which Dexter is a textbook case.

5 Dexter's Aliases

Dexter often is forced to go undercover throughout the series due to the fact that he often needs to scout out possible victims and find evidence of their guilt. While undercover, Dexter has taken on many interesting aliases, all of which have a very interesting connection to pop culture.

He once goes by Patrick Bateman, the main character serial killer from the movie American Psycho. On another occasion, he goes by Sean Ellis which is an amalgamation of the names Ellis and Sean Bateman from the film The Rules of Attraction. This implies that Dexter is most likely a movie buff, and his choice in films mirrors his personal life quite closely.

4 Hannah's Name

Michael C Hall as Dexter and Yvonne Strahovski as Hannah McKay in Dexter

Hannah was definitively Dexter's one true love throughout the series. Sure, Rita may have been a much better woman, but only someone like Hannah could truly understand Dexter for who he is.

Her first name has a unique connotation to it that many fans of the show may not be aware of. The Japanese word "hana" actually means flower. This is quite fitting, considering that Hannah is running a flower shop when she first meets the show's protagonist.

3 Dexter's Not as Careful as He Thinks

Dexter Morgan Wrapped Up

While it seems that Dexter is an extremely careful and methodical killer, he often makes some very big mistakes will committing various murders. Most of these mistakes involve electronic devices. It makes sense, at the time that Harry was teaching Dexter there wasn't as much technology around.

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Either at the site of a murder, or nearby, throughout the series Dexter often answers his phone. This big mistake would allow any government agency investigating him to pinpoint his exact location at the time of these many gruesome murders.

2 Doakes Has A Son?

Sergeant Doakes

During the episode Crocodile, audiences are given a close look at Doakes' desk. The detective has a framed picture of a young boy on the desk. This brings up many questions about Doakes' personal life that are never answered.

Did Doakes have a son? It's quite possible, although it seems like this would have been addressed at some point in the show. What is much more likely is that Doakes had a young nephew. The two most likely had a very close relationship, thus the picture on the detective's desk.

1 Slice of Life

Dexter Morgan's boat was originally named Slice of Heaven. The word slice has some menacing connotations to it and the choice of this name was, without doubt, a conscious decision, as Dexter is known to have a twisted sense of humor.

What is even more telling of Dexter's humor is what he changes the name to: Slice of Life. This is a subtle, obvious nod to the fact that Dexter enjoys cutting up living human beings. A twisted sense of humor indeed.

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