DeWanda Wise Exits Captain Marvel Movie Role

DeWanda Wise leaves Captain Marvel due to scheduling conflicts with her Netflix series She's Gotta Have It. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing larger every year, and next year is set to be a big one for Marvel Studios. After what will be 11 years of storytelling, they're finally making a female led superhero movie and have tapped Oscar-winner Brie Larson to play the titular role of Carol Danvers. Considering the movie also has Marvel's first female co-director attached, the push for more female heroes and characters continues to be clear.

One of the actresses lined up to play a major role was DeWanda Wise. While details on her character never surfaced, it was widely speculated that she would play Monica Rambeau. Wise was fresh off a starring role in Netflix's Spike Lee series She's Gotta Have It, which was already renewed for a second season when she was hired. And that's where the conflict comes into play, unfortunately.

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Deadline reports that DeWanda Wise has dropped out of starring in Captain Marvel. The reason for the sudden departure is due to the filming schedule on She's Gotta Have It's second season, which was renewed just about two months ago. There's currently no word on who will replace Wise in her undisclosed role (if the role is recast at all), as no names surfaced as contenders during the initial round of casting, but this could become a major priority for the studio.

The announcement is undoubtedly disappointing for many fans, and one has to wonder how these issues were caused. Since Wise joined after She's Gotta Have It was renewed, she would've known she'd have to make time for the Netflix series at some point this year. Unless, of course, the production on that series was moved up so that the second season could debut sooner. It's difficult to see why these issues surfaced - especially now.

With Captain Marvel set to start filming later this month, Marvel will need to move quickly to find the next co-star. Even though Wise's departure is just now being revealed, it's possible (if not likely) that this split was agreed upon weeks prior and that Marvel's already deep into recasting the character. When it comes to the eventual replacement, Wise should show what Marvel is looking for in filling the role - someone who is both funny and dramatic and a bit older than Larson. There's no shortage of actresses at Marvel's disposal, so hopefully we'll find out who is taking Wise's place soon. And, since she was clearly interested in joining the MCU, Wise could find another opportunity to join the shared universe down the road.

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Source: Deadline

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