10 Devilish Quotes From Lucifer

Could you have ever thought up a premise where the Devil abandons his post in Hell and proceeds to run a club in Los Angeles, only to then become a consultant for the police department? Lucifer is a highly original idea that has been derived from the DC Comics character of the same name.

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The TV version, though, has become an entity of his own, and his charm has enabled Lucifer to come back from the jaws of series cancellation, as Netflix revived the show long enough for it to receive its deserved ending. In case you want to know what makes the Devil who he is on this show, here are 10 quotes that portray his devilish side.

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10 'Did you know there's a special section in Hell reserved for Bullies? So, Have Fun!'

We agree with Lucifer’s statement here. Even though he’s the Devil, Lucifer also has limits to the level of torture one can put another under. Here, Lucifer made a bully feel the hurt she liked to dole out when he scared the life out of a girl in school.

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This girl was known to be a bully, and Lucifer set her straight by firstly telling her Hell had a special place for people who made others' lives miserable, followed by revealing blowing his eyes red. The “fun” part came when he flashed his true form, and it sure was fun for us – not so much for the bully.

9 "I'll make you a believer, of course"

You know, a person even lower than the devil is someone who speaks of what he doesn’t believe in. At least the Devil has a purpose, and his lies are designed to prey on weak souls, but the devil does have some scruples.

On Lucifer, the titular character was none too pleased to see a man promoting lies and tales, and called him a “liar and a charlatan.” When the man didn’t back off from his deceitful ways, Lucifer was prompted into threatening the man with his true form, promising to make a believer out of him. Perhaps the man didn’t end up believing in God, but he did find out the Devil was real.

8 "Why does everyone say that before they're punished?"

You might have noticed a pattern by now where Lucifer seems to use his true form as a trump card to make people answer for their ways. It has worked wonders for him too, but it also reveals the reality that people just don’t consider the error of their ways until consequences stare right at them in the face.

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Here, Lucifer once again showed his true form, only for his intended victim to beg for forgiveness. Lucifer noted what everyone, in general, should – that the guilty only ask for forgiveness when they’ve been found. However, it did confuse the Devil as to how saying sorry when it’s clearly not genuine could be considered adequate.

7 "Time to pull the legs off the spider"

Earlier in the series, Lucifer had great difficulty forging any kind of friendships, which is why he was so wracked with grief when his friend, Father Frank, was killed before his eyes. We’d generally seen Lucifer being all cool and suave up until this point, making his complete blowout a great surprise.

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Lucifer would lift the killer up and threaten to end his life then and there, throwing this harrowing quote just before he intended to. However, it was the memory of his fallen friends that prevented Lucifer from gaining retribution.

6 "Children are hideous little creatures. Terrible, taxing burdens"

You want to know how one establishes a character as the Devil? They go ahead and make him an open child-hater. Lucifer doesn’t mince words in general, and he doesn’t care either for the perception that would surround him when he revealed how he felt about children.

According to him, children aren’t worth anyone’s time, and instead waste what precious time we have. He also doesn’t find any appeal in them, as he views children as being hideous little creatures. In a time where TV shows are apprehensive in making bold quotes, this one fit the devil perfectly.

5 "Well, I'm a walking paradox, what can I say?"

It sounds like a cool quote he made here, but Lucifer was actually in real sadness when he proclaimed himself as something that can’t be explained. In a session with his therapist, he continued telling the truth, only for his doctor to once again take his truth as metaphors.

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When he was asked why he said one thing at one point, and then shifted to another, Lucifer stated that he was a paradox. Making this sad is that he wasn’t happy at all to call himself unexplainable, and was genuinely looking for answers for his own self-growth.

4 "A devil emoji? That's it. I'm speaking to a copyright lawyer today"

How would you feel if someone made an emoji out of you without informing you of that? Not so good, we’re sure, and Lucifer too wasn’t so crazy about finding out that text chains around the globe have access to an emoji based around his likeness; that too without his consent.

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This was the kind of one-liner the show prides on, as it gives us that snarky Devil that’s captured so many hearts. Lucifer’s success has been mainly attributed to the lead character’s charms and complaining about an emoji without seeming like an annoying child is something only unique characters can pull off.

3 "I prefer lust over love. It's a little less complicated and a lot more fun"

Although Lucifer’s character development has been about him casting away his personal pleasures in favor of growing as a person, he is still the devil, and the devil does swim in the pool of hedonism. Case in point was when Lucifer brazenly stated he didn’t have much respect for love; it was relations without emotional intimacy that he enjoyed.

This is a quote one expects from the character of the Devil and is relevant with setting the benchmark from where a character needs to develop from. Now, many seasons in, the Lucifer who preferred sensual pleasures has evolved so much more.

2 "I've never killed anyone before, I've only punished those already dead"

One doesn’t stop to realize just what the job of the Devil is, but this line from Lucifer really made us think. After all, the devil never does carry out any of the sinister deeds humans do, does he? Even in real life beliefs, the devil’s role is accepted as only enticing people into committing wrongful acts.

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The kicker here is that Lucifer wasn’t bragging in this scene, and was gripped by the reality of the fact that he’d taken a life. In all the years of his existence, even the devil felt the impact of killing someone.

1 "If you want to jump, go for it"

This is a dark piece of comedy, but one that only the Devil can pull off with such class. In this scene, a psychiatric patient was close to plummeting to his death and threatened he would go through with it when he was attempted to be pulled back from the ledge.

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Lucifer, however, had no care for the man’s life, and even encouraged him to do it if the man really wanted to. Instead, he attempted to gain some insight into the human mind before the man ended his life; an act that inadvertently caused the man to reconsider and go back to safety. Without realizing it, Lucifer had saved a life; yet, that was the farthest thing from his mind.

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