MBTI Of The Devil Wears Prada Characters

The Devil Wears Prada is full of strong characters who need no introduction. That said, they do need is a personality classification. While many of them would probably be on the border end of the typing spectrum, it might come as a surprise to fans that each character fits a certain description despite being an antagonist or protagonist.

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From Executive types to Commanders, this movie has it all... which might explain why it carries such an explosive storyline. Who knows, fans might find that they even identify with their favorite characters in more ways than one. Without further ado, here is every main character and the personality that fits them the best. The 16 personality types can be found here. Now go fetch our coffee.

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10 Miranda Priestly As An ENTJ

Obviously, Miranda has one of the strongest personalities of anyone else on this list. She comes in ranking as an ENTJ, otherwise known as the Commander. Leaving no room for mistakes or failure, Miranda always finds a path to success, cutting people out of her way if need be.

This marks the true personality of an ENTJ; someone who fights their way to the top and stops for nothing. Her bold nature, strong willpower, and ability to create a path where there is none has earned her this status.

9 Andy Sachs As An INTJ

Andy is a bit more shy in terms of a bold personality, but she does have determination in spades. This makes her an excellent INTJ, someone who's logical yet creative. These are the people who are rarely without a plan and when they don't have one, they can easily use their wits to create one.

Their logical courses of action are what makes them great at whatever they've set out to do, which is exactly what Andy proves by the end of the movie. While emotion is a factor in her life path, she never sways from reasoning with the facts.

8 Emily As An ESTJ

Emily is undoubtedly an Executive when it comes to personality types. Being an ESTJ is what allows her to effortlessly float around the office, essentially becoming Miranda's right hand. Though she does have the occasional panic moment, she recovers quickly and usually with a fast solution to the problem at hand.

Emily's unparalleled in her ability to run the office, which makes her a force to be reckoned with but also superior in her management skills.

7 Nigel As An ESFJ

A true Consul at heart, Nigel has a tough exterior but is truly out for the best interests of all those he cares about. This is why he gets horribly taken advantage of by the end of the movie, but he still remains a true ESFJ nonetheless. Those with this personality type are known for their sincerity and social skills, two things Nigel has in spades.

While he respects Miranda, he also cares for those who work under her, including Andy. His genuine kindness is what allows him to traverse from department to department, getting things done as they should be.

6 Christian Thompson As An ESTP


Christian Thompson was out for himself from the get-go and it's quite obvious that this is a character who gets what they want and when they want it. However, though he and Miranda possess some of the same traits, he falls on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Christian's personality points to more of an Entrepreneur type of status, a true ESTP. Known for living life on the edge, an ESTP is likely to try new things in order to get the most out of life. They can be charismatic and social and are usually incredibly intelligent.

5 Nate As An ENFJ

Nate isn't necessarily a weak character by any means but he's certainly not as bold as the others. His personality, while a bit more subdued, has its own strengths. He's swayed by his emotions but also fueled by his passions, which makes him somewhat of an ENFJ.

The Protagonist, as they're known, is someone who stays true to their ideas and does what they believe is morally right. His career as a chef allows him to motivate and inspire others, a quality of a true ENFJ through and through.

4 James Holt As An INFP

James Holt was somewhat of a flirt but also genuine and kind, for the most part. While he did ultimately get roped into a grand scheme, you can guarantee that he was just doing his best to avoid going against the tide. This would make him a Mediator, otherwise known as an INFP.

Always searching for the best way to help a good cause, James had a tendency for helping people in their mission rather than tearing them down, like Miranda. His altruistic nature is what makes him such a true INFP.

3 Lily As An ISFJ

Lily, best friend to both Andy and Nate, would undoubtedly be a Defender, otherwise known as an ISFJ. This fire came out midway through the movie when she finds Andy having more than a friend moment with Christian Thompson. Her ability to defend her friends without skipping a beat gives us plenty of insight into what truly matters in her life.

Caring for others is one thing, but taking it a step further to defend them is what gives her the title of an ISFJ. That protective nature doesn't come naturally to just anyone.

2 Doug As An ENFP

Doug was a bit of light in the otherwise super realistic nature of Andy's friend circle. With a beaming personality and the ability to truly be himself, he provided both comedic relief as well as much-needed kindness and level-headed thinking. This would likely make him an ENFP, someone who is always looking on the bright side of things. Although we didn't see too much of him, we can safely assume that he's always the first to make everyone smile. His loveable and kind-hearted attributes are clearly seen, even in his brief dialogue.

1 Richard Sachs As An ISTJ

Andy's father, though caring and concerned for his daughter, would likely be an ISTJ. His fact-based thinking when it came to Andy and her career path are what translate well to this personality type. It's also implied that he's incredibly reliable, helping Andy out both financially and emotionally when Miranda puts the pressure on her.

Richard's well-rounded personality tends to lean toward strategic reasoning before anything else, making him a true Logistician when it comes to figuring out solutions and solving problems.

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