Original Devil May Cry Coming To Nintendo Switch

The classic Devil May Cry is bringing its stylish, demon-slaying action to Switch this summer. This marks Dante’s first appearance on a Nintendo platform. It’s also the latest in a string of high-profile Capcom Switch ports after Onimusha: Warlords and Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen hit the hybrid console earlier this year.

Devil May Cry first released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2. It stars the demon hunter Dante, a half-demon himself, who travels to Mallet Island to defeat the king of the Underworld, Mundus. Devil May Cry single-handedly established the subgenre of third-person “stylish” action games that includes the likes of Bayonetta and God of War. The success of Dante’s debut spawned largely successful sequels, a well-received reboot, and even an anime. Devil May Cry 5 released in March to a strong critical reception. Interestingly, fans had previously asked for a Switch port of that game with Capcom telling them exactly what to do to possibly make that a reality.

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Kotaku first reported on Capcom's tweet announcing news of the Devil May Cry Switch port. The publisher later confirmed on the game’s website that it will be download-only, and that they have “no plans” to release a physical version. There’s currently no price or exact release date for the upcoming port either, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see both of those questions answered come E3 next month in June.

Devil May Cry Switch Dante in Combat

One would have to imagine this Devil May Cry Switch port would be the high-res rendition included in the Devil May Cry HD Collection. If so, then the Switch would more or less make it the only place players can pick up that specific version outside of its bundle (Twitch Prime recently gave Devil May Cry 1 HD away to its subscribers). In terms of potential price, the HD collection runs for $29.99 so an a la carte offering such as this would ideally be roughly a third of that price, though given that it's a port to a brand new mobile system, that could easily change.

It seems everyone has silently agreed that there’s no such thing as too many Switch ports. Hopefully Devil May Cry 3, 4, and the DmC reboot eventually make the same transition. Exciting as this is, the far-reaching implications are equally tantalizing. Specifically, does this mean Dante could appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? No matter what happens, Devil May Cry on Switch represents another good move in what’s been a pretty great 2019 for Capcom.

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Source: Devil May Cry (via Kotaku)

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