Devil May Cry 5 Announcement Seems More Likely With Capcom Registering Domain

It's been rumored to be in development for over a year, and now Capcom has registered a domain name for Devil May Cry 5. The website's URL address,, doesn't leave much to the imagination as to what the title for the next game in the action series could be called.

The news comes one day after yet another rumor listed Devil May Cry 5 as being in development. Interestingly, this domain registration could lend credence to some other potential reveals since Bloodborne 2, a new SOCOM title, a PlayStation 4 port of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and a new BioShock game for PlayStation VR were also listed as part of the rumor. Although, it's worth noting that rumors surrounding DMC5 have existed for quite some time, so it's not as if this was the first time it was mentioned by a potential leak.

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As revealed on ResetERA, the domain was registered in the middle of last month, on May 18 by a Japanese company called GMO Internet. GMO Internet worked with the Japanese publisher before, and was behind the Monster Hunter: World and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard domains. While it was originally registered last month, it was also updated on June 1. It certainly looks like Capcom is readying the website for an announcement, although the site isn't currently live.

Dante Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry series director Hideaki Itsuno has been open about the fact that he's working on a new project. At the end of last year he wished fans a happy new year, and said, "I am sorry that I can not present a new project last year. The development of the project is now under climax. I am making a great game so please expect it." It looks as if it won't be long until players see what Itsuno has been working on.

The return of Dante would mark the end of a brief hiatus for the Devil May Cry series. While the last numbered entry, Devil May Cry 4, was released in 2008, a reboot by Ninja Theory released back in 2013. Since then, Capcom has made sure to keep the series in the spotlight by putting out several remastered versions of past games. Rumors, and the name of the game, seem to indicate that this would continue the original series rather than continuing the rebooted universe that received a divisive reaction from some fans.

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Source: ResetERA (via VG247)

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