'The Devil Inside' Red-Band Trailer Ups the Scare Factor

red band trailer for the devil inside

Today we have the The Devil Inside red-band trailer and it definitely ups the ante. The Devil Inside, directed by William Brent Bell, and released by Paramount Insurge, is the newest movie in the exorcism sub-genre. But Bell, who co-wrote the film as well, has added the twist that there may not just be one demon possessing our victim, but three.

In the new red-band trailer we learn that Isabella Rossi (Fernanda Andrade) is searching for someone to help her understand what happened to her mother 20 years prior. The movie attempts to further update the exorcism genre by adding science into the mix, instead of just sticking with religion. Isabella wants to know if what happened to her mother is in her genes as well. So she enlists the help of two young priests, Ben and Davis, played by Simon Quatermman and Evan Helmuth.

They explain to Isabella that she needs to see a real exorcism in order to understand how serious her request is. Then we are told that the Roman Catholic Church does not allow for the filming of actual exorcisms. We then are taken in to the depths of a building and find a possessed person that the two priests are attempting to exorcise. What happens next are some intense scenes with blood splashing on the camera, screaming, and sounds of bones breaking and tendons popping.

Don't believe how intense the new red-band trailer is? See for yourself and decide:

We can only assume that Isabella's mother's exorcism will be even more intense. To add to the ominousness, all this plays out while 'Silent Night' is sung by a boys choir in the background. Super creepy. This new red-band trailer also adds more depth to the story and reveals just how intense the movie and its exorcism scenes will be. All in all, this trailer definitely convinces me that this won't be the run-of-the-mill exorcism flick. Thankfully.

The Devil Inside opens January 6, 2012

Source: Paramount Insurge



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