The Deuce Season 3 Teaser Trailer Brings On the '80s

Maggie Gyllenhaal In The Deuce Season 3

The Deuce season 3 teaser trailer brings the HBO porn series into the 1980s. David Simon and George Pelecanos first achieved critical acclaim for their series The Wire, which probed the troubled city of Baltimore from varying socio-economic perspectives, weaving a complex 5-season multi-character tapestry that revolutionized television storytelling.

With season 1 of The Deuce, Simon and Pelecanos turned their probing eye on a very different environment, the city of New York in the early 1970s, and specifically the sex industry that boomed in Times Square during that period. For season 2, The Deuce jumped ahead in time to the disco era, and focused on the world of pornography as it exploded into a massive bi-coastal industry. For season 3, the show will jump ahead again, this time moving to the year 1984 as corporate forces began taking over in New York, threatening to alter the city forever.

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The first teaser trailer for The Deuce season 3 (via HBO) previews this leap into the 1980s, and finds that the party is still going on for the show’s diverse array of characters. But, the forces of change are moving in, as big money turns its attentions on remaking the face of Times Square. See the clip in the space below:

Though it isn’t made explicit in the new teaser, the looming threat of the AIDS epidemic will also surely play a role in the new season. The arc of The Deuce, from season 1 through season 3, has been all about the hedonism of the post-’60s era and how enterprising people tapped into that trend and made a lot of money feeding people’s desires, but of course much of that came to an end as the Reagan era set in and AIDS arrived to sow fear among those who had spent the prior years indulging themselves without restraint. Also briefly teased in the new trailer is another new arrival on the ‘80s scene: hair metal. The teaser of course affords glimpses of many of the show’s returning characters, including James Franco’s Martino Brothers, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Candy Merrell, Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s Chris Alston and Emily Meade’s Lori Madison.

As season 3 is set to be the last go-around for The Deuce, many of these characters will see their stories wrap up, some in no doubt tragic ways. Though The Deuce certainly has not risen to the same level as The Wire in terms of critical acclaim and cultural impact, the show has provided a lot of compelling television for two seasons, and it will be interesting to see how Simon and Pelecanos wrap up their latest TV epic.

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The Deuce season 3 premieres on September 9, 2019 on HBO.

Source: HBO

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