The Deuce Renewed For Third & Final Season At HBO

Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Deuce Season 2

HBO has renewed The Deuce for a third season, and announced it will be the final season for the porn industry period drama. Season 1 of The Deuce, from David Simon and George Pelecanos of The Wire fame, covered the seedy early '70s when New York City was a haven for prostitutes, pimps and low-level pornographic filmmakers.

Season 2, which is currently airing, sees The Deuce skipping ahead to the late '70s when disco and punk rock ruled. The show remains an ensemble piece in true Simon/Pelecanos fashion, but the story centers mainly around Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Candy as she continues to establish herself as a porn actress and director, becoming a savvy businesswoman even as she seeks to stretch herself artistically. James Franco is also back in season 2 in the dual roles of tavern owner Vincent Martino and his irresponsible twin brother Frankie, despite the actor becoming embroiled in a sexual misconduct controversy late last year.

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Even as season 2 of The Deuce continues playing out, HBO has announced the show will be renewed for season 3 as reported by Deadline. However, the network says the third season will in fact be the last season for the show. In a tweet, series co-creator David Simon indicated that one more season will be enough for the show to tell its full story. See Simon’s tweet below:

Much like their classic HBO series The Wire, Simon and Pelecanos’ The Deuce draws upon real life circumstances to weave a multi-character tale that goes deep into themes that are particularly relevant in our time. While The Wire powerfully tackled police corruption, urban decay and racism, The Deuce zeroes in on themes of exploitation, misogyny and empowerment via its tale of prostitutes leaving the streets behind to take greater control of their fates in the porn industry. But of course, the world of porn is not much of a safe haven, as the women continue to encounter all sorts of sexism and degradation.

After skipping ahead from the early '70s to the latter part of the decade, with a corresponding shift in costumes and music if not attitudes, season 3 of The Deuce is expected to bring the story to a conclusion by jumping ahead to the ‘80s, the era when politicians began to crack down on the seedier aspects of New York City life. The ‘80s of course was also the era of the AIDS epidemic, a fact that is sure to become more-and-more central to the story as The Deuce makes its way toward its conclusion. Once The Deuce wraps up, David Simon is expected to continue his fruitful relationship with HBO by developing a Spanish Civil War drama.

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Source: Deadline

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