Quantic Dream and David Cage Announce Trailer for Detroit

French video game developer Quantic Dream, under the creative leadership of chief founder David Cage since 1997, has made a name on the backs of numerous interactive-drama, story-based adventure games, most notably, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In the latter, Cage and company boldly experimented with cutting edge, motion capture technology in order to incorporate the physical and vocal performances of its lead actors, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, in order to tell an ever more fluid and cinematic story within the medium of video gaming.

Prior to the release of their last feature title, Quantic Dream released Kara, a 2012 demo (see below) for the PlayStation 3 that was built to showcase many of the featured mechanics that would eventually make their way onto the release Beyond: Two Souls in 2013. As of this morning, the android who lent her name to the video demonstration is in line for a full feature title from Quantic Dream in Detroit.

As related by Polygon, Cage unveiled the first feature length trailer (see above) for the next title from the studio at Sony's Paris Games Week press conference. The new title is currently being billed as an exploration of what would happen to the Kara character, being an android, if she were to explore the real world outside of the factory life that she has always known. With the featured tag line that reads, "Become Human," Cage's latest gaming creation is likely to explore the time honored sci-fi question of what constitutes our own presumed humanity.

The trailer promises a world wherein a civil war between man and machine is waging, with the two forms of sentient life co-existing amid socially enforced segregation. When asked to speak on his intentions regarding the creation of the initial Kara demo, Cage previously stated:

"We wanted to do what Avatar did by having one full performance where we capture everything at the same time, and we wanted to demonstrate these new performance capture techniques and the new engine before going into production, so we developed a short showcase that would allow us to test these ideas and technologies. This is how 'Kara' was created."

Cage made it known that Kara was never intended to become the next game from Quantic Dream, though he did remark at the time on the demo's unique function as an exercise, making the further claim regarding his and the studio's creative process:

"We do things in a very strange way here, things that have nothing to do with the games we make. But I think that's a part of the DNA of the studio, and hopefully something that people like about us. They never know what they're going to get!"

Such a claim has certainly been the case in the past for the French developer, with its titles as far ranging in terms of the types of stories they try to tell and the technology by which those narratives are articulated. With any luck, Cage's latest creation will win further critical applause from fans of past Quantic Dream opuses, and will help to see the Kara demo of 2012 come to full technical and creative fruition despite the featured content's prime directive.

Screen Rant will keep you updated on all future developments regarding Detroit.

Source: Ploygon

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