Psyduck Wants A Foot Massage in New Detective Pikachu TV Spot

A new TV spot for Detective Pikachu has been released, featuring a lot more Psyduck. The film has seen considerable marketing these last two months, with Warner Bros. having released TV spots focusing on humor and the emotional aspect of the story.

Detective Pikachu has seen almost nothing but positive buzz since the release of the first trailer back in November. The Pokémon film is releasing next week, and early reactions are positive. Many agree that the film is both "heartfelt" and engaging. Another running theme in the early reactions is that Pokémon fans will be very pleased. It appears the video game movie curse might finally be broken, but we'll know for sure when Detective Pikachu officially opens worldwide.

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The Detective Pikachu Twitter account has posted a new TV spot, putting a large focus on Psyduck. There's some new footage after that, though a good chunk of it is rearranged from previous spots and trailers.

It appears Psyduck will get a considerable amount of screen time in comparison to other PokémonThis makes sense, because Psyduck accompanies Lucy Williams (Kathryn Newton's character), one of the main protagonists in the film. In the TV spot, we see Psyduck appearing to play up his unstable telekinetic mind, forcing the characters to listen to "spa music" during a road trip, and even asking for a foot massage from Detective Pikachu himself. Aside from this sequence, the spot puts a big emphasis on Pikachu's love for caffeine, something that was also a focus in the film's second trailer. There are bits of new footage, such as a crowd-pleasing scene of Pikachu riding on top of a Pidgeotto, and a comedic scene with the main human character. Pikachu's final line of the spot, "I'm not modest" has quickly become popular online.

Every trailer and TV spot for Detective Pikachu has been met with praise by fans. Detective Pikachu is setting itself up as one of 2019's biggest hits. This is in stark contrast to Hollywood's other upcoming video game adaptation: Sonic the Hedgehog. Whereas Pikachu has generated plenty of hype within the fanbase around the world, Sonic has been constantly ridiculed. Sonic's first trailer premiered yesterday, and was met with many negative reactions from fans. Sonic the Hedgehog could end up doing well of course despite the negative trailer reactions, but at the moment, Detective Pikachu is looking to be the video game movie to watch for this year.

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