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The second Detective Pikachu trailer released today, which revealed more of the movie's story as well as showcased even more Pokémon. Even though the Pokémon franchise is wildly popular, adapting it into live-action while also featuring a talking Pikachu, especially one voiced by Ryan Reynolds, was considered ridiculous when it was first announced. Since then, however, audiences have warmed up to the idea of the Detective Pikachu movie.

Based on the 2018 video game of the same name, the Detective Pikachu movie follows Justice Smith's Tim Goodman and Reynolds' Pikachu as they attempt to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of Tim's father. Taking place in Ryme City, Detective Pikachu is filled to the brim with Pokémon from all across the franchise. While some of them were revealed in the first Detective Pikachu trailer, as well as a recent TV spot, Warner Bros. has been holding back a few of the big names.

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And now, just over two months out from its release date, Detective Pikachu has received a second trailer, one that dives deeper into WB's new, big screen Pokémon universe. Longtime Pokémon will undoubtedly recognize many of them, but since the trailer moves quite fast at times, it's easy to lose track of which Pokémon were in the trailer. As it turns out, there are 25 Pokémon in the second Detective Pikachu trailer, and here's all of them.


Of course, Detective Pikachu (Reynolds) is up first, and so far it appears Reynolds is bringing all of the charisma and raucous comedy that he breathed into Deadpool to his voice performance in Detective Pikachu - obviously, sans raunchy irreverence. Detective Pikachu shares the spotlight with former Pokémon trainer Tim Goodman (Smith). Visually speaking, some fans first articulated their skepticism about a live-action Pokémon film due to the uncanny valley effect they claimed it induced. However, if that equal parts adorable and technically impressive rendition of Pikachu above isn't enough to sway the unassured, there's simply no convincing them. For the first time in the latest trailer, Detective Pikachu can be seen flexing his electrifying moveset, using Thunderbolt and a formidable-looking move that highly resembles Zippy Zap, an electric type move introduced in the latest generation of Pokémon games.


Much like in the anime adaptation of Pokémon, it appears that Pokémon fulfill working roles that best fit them alongside their human counterparts throughout Ryme City, the sprawling metropolis where Detective Pikachu is set. It's fitting, then, that the organic sombrero-wearing Ludicolo can be seen behind the counter at a trendy bar. While there's little to suggest that Detective Pikachu will explore any adult themes beyond Detective Pikachu's demand for Tim to "get [him] the hell out of here" while fighting in a seedy Pokémon arena, it's probable that Ludicolo is there to serve up tequila, margaritas, and more to humans (and maybe even Pokémon) who are looking to take a load off. After all, Tim is an adult seemingly weary of his lot of in life and Detective Pikachu is an amnesia-stricken, caffeine-addicted investigator who has probably seen more than his fair share of crime - who's to say they can't share a drink?


Charizard is looking just as dastardly as it did in its previous appearances, with its scars, scales, and massive frame making it a downright intimidating sight to behold. Previous footage had shown Detective Pikachu getting thrown around and singed by this fearsome fire-flying type with little context, but the new trailer reveals that the Charizard in question is likely a regular contender in what appears to be an underground pokémon fighting ring, presumably owned by what Detective Pikachu refers to as "the wrong crowd." While it's entirely possible that this Charizard is living its preferred life as a champion of the arena, the implication behind unregulated cage matches being fought between Pokémon in the underbelly of Ryme City explores an entire dimension of morality that has gone largely ignored by the Pokémon franchise.

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Charmander, Growlithe, and Golurk

In a brief shot in which Tim is approaching a Ryme City police station, where his missing father and (presumably) Detective Pikachu work, three previously unseen pokémon can be seen. A perky Charmander walks beside their owner, while two police officers are accompanied by their working Growlithe. The latter revelation is most interesting, and it makes one wonder if those Growlithe are akin to puppy K9 units in training, with Arcanine serving as fully-grown police dog equivalents. In the background, two hulking Golurks, ancient automaton Pokémon rumored to have been created as servants, stand watch over the police department's entrance.

Machamp and Snorlax

One would expect almost all hyper-muscular Machamp to be in the care of fighting type Pokémon trainers or competing in the franchise's equivalent of the WWE, but apparently even these four-armed brutes fill a multitude of practical roles in Ryme City, as well. Humorously, this Machamp can be spotted directing traffic, while a surprisingly furry Snorlax snoozes in the middle of the road. This napping Snorlax is a hilarious visual throwback to the first generation of Pokémon games, in which Snorlax blocks the critical path and must be woken with the Poké Flute item.


This Snubbull was originally seen in the office of police Lieutenant Yoshida (Ken Watanabe), snarling at the grizzled lawman when he reaches his hand out to pet its head. In one of many instances in which the size of live-action Pokémon is incredibly jarring, Snubbull are apparently pretty huge despite their strong resemblance of the American Bulldog. Considering the sheer size and meanness of this Snubbull, it gives one pause to consider how massive and angry its evolution, Granbull, would look if given similar live-action treatment.

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It wouldn't be a proper Pokémon film replete with a Generation 1-leaning cast of pocket monsters without the generation's strongest starter, now would it? This is far from the first peek fans have been of Bulbasaur thus far, but, considering the Pokémon's excellent visual transition to the world of live-action, it's a safe bet that no one's complaining. With the inclusion of a small herd of roving Bulbasaurs shown fording a river in the wild, it's exciting to wonder how Bulbasaur's hefty evolutions, Ivysaur and Venusaur, will appear if they're also featured.

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