Detective Pikachu Gets Its Own Pokérap, Thanks to Fan

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A fan-made version of the classic PokéRap has been given a Detective Pikachu inspired update. While Pokémon has dominated the worlds of video games, trading cards and movies over the years, many still fondly remember the franchise for its late 90s/early 00s anime series starring Ash Ketchum and his faithful Pikachu. The series was a hit both in Japan and in the West and the English localization included a rap to help viewers learn the names of the various pocket monsters within the show. Performed by James "D-Train" Williams and Babi Floyd, the obscenely catchy number has attained cult status over time and the song has even been mutilated by fans online to serve other franchises such as the MCU.

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Two decades later, the Pokémon franchise is still going strong and is preparing to unleash its first live-action movie in the form of Detective Pikachu. Starring Ryan Reynolds as the titular creature and featuring an impressive supporting cast, the Detective Pikachu trailers have generated a great deal of fan excitement and a big part of the attraction has been seeking out all the live-action Pokémon hidden away in the footage. Fortunately, the visual design of both the movie and its creatures have been roundly praised online - a stark contrast to the reception afforded to the Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

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YouTube creator Il Neige has now crafted a special Detective Pikachu version of the Pokérap that highlights every monster seen in the lead up to the film's full release. Performed with Stephan Krosecz, this new rap doesn't just list Pokémon in the verses, but also updates the chorus to reflect Detective Pikachu's love of coffee and solving crimes. Hilariously, the rap runs out of Pokémon around the 47-second mark so, unable to stop because of social media algorithms, begins listing the lunch menu instead.

Not only is the video a well-produced and clever take on a timeless musical masterpiece, but it also serves as an incredibly useful breakdown of the blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearances that some Pokémon have made in the Detective Pikachu trailers released thus far, especially for those less familiar with the more recent generations. The updated PokéRap is a perfect way to get pumped up for the release of Detective Pikachu, and it might also have fans craving dumplings by the looks of that lunch menu.

Since the first wave of Pokémon trainers who sang along to the original PokéRap are now in their twenties, there is undoubtedly an element of nostalgia surrounding Detective Pikachu and it'll certainly be interesting to see whether the film can attract a newer, younger audience. The launch of Pokémon Go in 2016 saw the franchise make a brief return to the mainstream but it didn't take long for the bubble to burst and the app to become largely used by more hardcore Pokéfans. It remains to be seen as to whether Detective Pikachu will follow that same pattern.

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Source: Il Neige

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